Man differs from animals by the ability to predict. 
And the greatest encouragement of the human brain gives its owner when justified expectations. The blood is thrown a hormonal cocktail of pleasure. Negative thinking just habit to predict negative events, and when they come true "rejoice" the coincidence of the prediction with the result: “Right the jackpot in the lottery luzerstva”. But negative events happen not so often, and the Brain is accustomed to the suffering lays in the behavior of the Owner «schools». I'm into the bad. I see only the bad. And to suffer, I need to make a mistake at work and get “Scolded”, “Thrashing” from his superiors. I drew myself a picture that everything is bad, the boss is unfair and biased against me. And then “Hooray!!! It is!!! I was right!!!» 

Our brains are very interesting: often it is the virtual world and the world of our fantasies takes at face value as real. "I fear, I worry, I get nervous around all bad" - tell me clients. And I have before my eyes this picture. Imagine a night city. From behind the clouds can not see the stars and the moon. The pitch-black darkness. And you have in hand is the flashlight, which is a narrow beam can illuminate that you will receive his light. And you choose where to Shine. You can Shine on the flower beds, monuments and statues, beautiful buildings, nature and fountains. And it is possible on bins and trash cans. Only you choose where to Shine, where to look, what to focus. Even in the most beautiful cities in the world there are boxes and trash cans. And, walking around the city you can see beautiful sights, but you can go through the slums. And in life, everyone chooses where to watch where to Shine, what to see and what to fill.

the Choice is yours!

Sergey Pumpkin doctor psihoterapevt




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