Ты друг или враг?


Want to talk about some simple things which are usually all seem clear. But if you start on the consultation, to clarify, to concretize what is included in the concept of selfish, friend, man, values, spirituality. How to relate to people with this characteristic? Here and it turns out a hitch and people can't find the right words. Can do now to postpone reading the article and write their definitions. Just give a little hint – pay attention to the actions of each character.

Start with egoist

At most there is a negative attitude to the person with this characteristic, although Latin "" "ego" be translated as "I". If you look in dictionaries, you will receive a description of human behavior, which is determined by the idea of self-benefit, benefit, he puts their interests above the interests of others. Well, what a terrible person because we have to think about others, take care of them! And then about us and our interests will be cared by others. Very good infantile position – I will not be responsible and you can always blame someone that we have not done so, he claims to speak, to be offended, well, different manipulative such things.

also seen the statements of some guru, ego is harmful and should completely be disposed of head and mind. I wonder what will be left?

I Suggest to leave it as is, since Mother Nature has blessed us with this. And to rehabilitate the selfish – as the highest form of self love, especially when he is solely responsible for their actions, takes care of himself, lives by himself and does not interfere with the lives of others.

List the characteristics of action zdorogogo egoist

- their purpose is carrying out in the first place, and others have a right to your interest in them;

- lives by its own rules and does not control, does not condemn others for their rules;

- has his own opinion, not afraid to Express it, even if it differs from the opinions of others;

- defend their right to refuse anything that will bring him harm;

- does what benefits without damaging the rest;

in dispute is to compromise.

- in a threatening situation will in any way protect themselves and loved ones without remorse, can then easily to apologize;

- criticizing, not goes to the rudeness and humiliation.

- respects the wishes of the partner, but not over himself;

- making the choice in its favor and said no, not suffering from feelings of guilt;

- likes and respects himself, not demanding blind adoration from others.


According to the law of duality there is another form of selfishness, it is more perverted, such as selfishness (from lat. centrum — "center of circle") in which, focusing only on a person who interferes with the lives of others, he is unable to consider a different point of view. Here are its features:

- lives on the strategy of "the end justifies the means";

- to impose their opinion to others;

- controls the actions of others, only he knows how;

- requires concessions, it should all be, he is not even a compromise;

- any topic takes you to a loved one;

- denies even the possibility of its being wrong, but constantly doubts the correctness of others;

- require compensation for any of their action;

- tries to get out of a difficult situation at the expense of others;

- does only what he will benefit in the near future;

- wanted to spit on all but his precious person.

Now a little more about the head - it is important that in our head in addition to knowledge was an awareness that not the same thing. But the word spiritual can be called by the synonym sensibleness. A spiritual person lives on the basis of universal moral values, such as: respect, work, relationships, loyalty, reliability, love, health, prosperity, friendship, etc.

Now bring features other

- do not betray, you can trust him as myself;

- betrayed, even when you doubt him.

- the distance between you does not prevent to be near;

- he speaks the truth, and you always accept, even if you don't like;

- you will listen to his advice;

- he does not compete, does not envy, because it does not compare you with me;

- it is like your soul mate;

rejoice in your success as their own.

Friends do not happen much, and you are lucky if you are near this person. No wonder love and friendship on the same level of needs.


But friends generally can be a lot, they come into our lives and go. Here are their characteristics:

– next until they are "nice", there is a benefit to be together, have common interests;

- if you get out of the sphere of common interests will never forgive you;

- will manipulate you to cause guilt, to extend the time of communication on the subject that you is not interesting.

- they compete compete with you try to drag yourself on your achievements or devalue them;

- jealous of your success;

- betray as soon as benefit.

of course You may not agree with my descriptions, but may on the contrary even add from your list of definitions.

the consultation asked: "how are you feeling? What do you want? What will be the result of our joint work?" This files most often hear the answer: "I don't know. Feel bad"; sometimes, "you're a psychologist, do something with me so I feel good." So we start a joint adventure with the man in the study of his subconscious, put up a basic support of the individual and include the awareness of the causal law. We reconcile the Mind, Feelings, Actions, the result is Awareness and life is changing and filled with other colors.


it is Conditionally possible to divide people with whom I communicate in 3 groups:

1 – friends; 2 – enemies; 3 – passers-by.

Test each of your environment definitions from the article and their actions to you determine who is who and what lesson came into your life.

And most importantly think for Yourself Who are you?

I appreciate your comments on this subject.

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