Ты лишаешь меня возможности помогать тебе

Or how not to changes in therapy

In my work I every first session of each new client say they will use all their knowledge and skills, their experience, to be in touch emotionally, intellectually, to draw their attention to the client, his problem, his feelings and experiences, ask them to talk for an hour about him. However, this, by itself, does not guarantee the success of the work. So in my work I every first session of each new client say they expect him to activity, which is one of the conditions of contract under which I work.

Gestalt therapy is a personalized approach practical counseling, which is carried out through the client-therapeutic relationship as a metaphor for the client's relationship with the environment. And the customer activity is very important for the study of its internal structure, beauty and its relationship with the environment.

it's Sad when the client does not receive changes for. And the best way to get anything is to wait. That all by itself happens and somehow it will change. The psychologist will understand and tell you where to live. In order not to result, it is possible to remain silent in sessions, to withdraw from contact in other ways, for example, to say "don't know" to my questions. It does not matter what the client does is important, he began to speak, speak about yourself, your condition, feelings and emotions, their thoughts, thinking, anxieties, even about the fact that it is now difficult to say and wonder about than that he's confused about how he actions of the therapist, directly to the therapist and the process of interaction.

In a safe situation of psychotherapy we can talk about it to me. Psyche sealed (it is impossible to penetrate from the outside and there is something to change, to correct) and to understand what is happening with the client, for this reason, I absolutely cannot. Unless you tell me. I can only assume, based on my experience and knowledge with you, watching the changing expression of the eyes and face, like changing voice and posture, asking questions, commenting on what I hear, making assumptions, clarifying and making it clear to myself incomprehensible, reacting emotionally to your story. Present in the contact. To which I invite you.

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