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the Man writes horrible words in the message. Why? Wouldn't it be easier just to withdraw from a woman's life? Why he comes up with for her non-existent sins, wants to hurt pobolney? To punish her because she loved him.

And maybe it's a kind of vaccination which, in his opinion, should entail a full and final break? Final for him. But not the only step in the band's own hell.

Abuser so just playing with his victim. Like a cat with a mouse. He is not going to let her go. He will "kill" it and will watch from afar the suffering, to listen to a weak squeak. And when the mouse will begin to rebound diagram of torment again.

you need to protect Yourself from manipulation, designed to destroy your health, personality. But how to understand and realize that yesterday is still a favourite of people today have turned your life into a horror. This takes time. Which works for him.

If you begin to notice that your life for some time flows like the plot of a horror movie, immediately stop. Don't be fooled by pity, interest, cheap is the part of abuser. Don't believe that he will change. It is the nature of this fantastic character - bad boy.

Women understand everything, but like a drug, like the type continues to attract. With obychnym pretty boys seems to be no longer interesting. So you become codependent, the victim of this cold stranger, in fact, a person.

And why you came up with that he's sweet, dear one? Yes best the menace. He steals your precious time, and just tramples all the best in you. Sometimes a man may use the property and finances. In the worst case - take your life, crush your soul.

As health is difficult to recover. It is not exchanged back to false words and empty promises. Won't replace endless texting.

Yourself to get out of this situation can be very difficult. You may need the help of a specialist, as relatives are often unable to understand what was going on. See your tormentor honey Bunny, anyway, it is worthy, from a distance, the man..

Try to shake things up, take care of yourself.

Angelica Bogdanova
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