Ты, моя головная боль!


⠀was already familiar and ordinary to carry in a handbag along with lipstick and house keys, favorite pills. We are the body perceived as zabarahlil mechanism, and it has become the norm. And the pill is the salvation, not to see what he wants to tell us the body. ⠀ Any disease is first of all the SUPPRESSION of EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS. ⠀ Here are the basic psychosomatic causes, which often have a headache:

· Suppression of emotions. Leads to the accumulation of negativity, dissatisfaction with oneself and others, resentment, guilt. It affects the hormonal background, the quality of the muscles and blood vessels.

· Emotional dependence. People with this problem headache usually occurs on a background of criticism, discontent of others. They need the praise and approval that apply in their case better than any medicine. Approval is like a drug, and a headache - withdrawal from lack of it.

· Chronic strain. Systematic exposure to stress, twisting in my head the same thoughts, the rejection of the rest. Protective functions of the body wear, its resistance is reduced, any external stimulus provokes a headache.

· a Conscious provocation of pain. Some of them are setting yourself up for discomfort when their subconscious mind dictates that they can learn from this secondary benefit.

· Heightened emotionality. Violent reactions to everything, govarivali, the constant need to communicate or thrills is no less dangerous than deterrence. The body is forced to adjust to these points, changing the tone of blood vessels, hormones - there is a rapid depletion of vital resources.

· Attempts to conceal the feelings trying to show the emotions that you experience in fact, people rapidly consume the resources of the body. The one who tries to adapt to others, not to be alienated in society or loved ones.

· Not experienced conflict. In this case, the discomfort is able to pass quickly or persist for several weeks or months after the emotional surge.

· reaction to the unpleasant person. The characteristic symptom is not always the result of an emotional outburst. It can be triggered by a subconscious inability to Express acceptance of another person.

⠀ All of these items are not talking about some situational moments, and on the established character traits. This current behaviours and tablet you don't fix them! ⠀ And sometimes, a headache is a specific person "entrenched in your mind." That is a painful thought about someone. But that is another topic. ⠀ But what can you do to stop the PAIN in minutes, without anesthesia?

HEADACHE can be caused by the reason only in the present tense, a few minutes ago or the current amount of situations. It is the accumulation of small situations that "broke" still in pain. A little harder to cope with the fact that for some time secretly you were saved, and quite simply now that brought a headache. ⠀ So, it's simple and difficult at the same time. The whole trick is honesty to yourself. Honesty is like a long needle which pierces Your bubble, you do not want to look and feel immediately. This is something that you yourself did not intentionally lie.

so, the question is the needle! ⠀

If You answer it HONESTLY, the pain goes away within 5 minutes. The secret is that when You answer it, pressed the destructive energy comes out and transformirovalsya in a new understanding of self!!!! ⠀

Try to do so next time! Maybe it will become your favorite way to treat headache. ⠀

You can write in the comments your reason for the headaches, and I will briefly comment on what to do with it!!! Let's get together! Or write what hurts, let's try together to understand the psychosomatic causes of disease.

I Will be grateful to all for the feedback and your comments.

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