Ты можешь больше, чем ты думаешь


My life I can not imagine without sports, in addition to honing external data, wellbeing, switching, set the mood, he is also most clearly demonstrates that you can do more than you think and sometimes much more.

the Common example comes in the group training a new girl who sports before that never worked or worked very little and for a very long time. Comes hesitantly into the room, looks around timidly, not knowing how to approach sports equipment, and even more so, what to do with it. Now let's not get into what reasons prompted her to start, the important thing is that she came in, took the first step.

she looks surprised, what an all-around sports and how they compete and dumbbells do not believe that they can do this. It takes minimal weights and even disposes him to the middle of the workout, as the habit is really hard. And part of the lesson she lies half-dead on the Mat and thinking of how to survive until the end of classes. But the girl does not give up easily, held one, two, three exercise and it absolutely ceases to stand out from the crowd of group.

To her surprise gradually discovers that it is easy to do with the already heavy weight and the moment when it seems that forces and does not, she puts down her Mat and continues exercise, such dramatic changes happen sometimes literally within a month. And after training from the hall there is an updated person with high self-esteem, all of which says: look, I was able, I did it!

as in life, very often we give up without even trying, not making a single step towards the desired, saying that nothing will come of it. And that something happened, you need to try, to think, to look for options. And most importantly do it and believe in yourself, your strength, your success and then everything is certainly true!

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Zelin Maria
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