Ты на мне зарабатываешь?


did I EARN?


Often see such a problem in sports clubs was a phrase often cries the indignant parent to coach their child. It's a shame that ambiguity causes problems in the relationship within a good team.

Not everything went smoothly in relationships "the Coach - Parent of athlete."

And one of the reasons of the conflict often the material


it is very simple. The buyer bought from the seller the thing. If the quality does not match cost the buyer a thing back. But for any product there is a buyer, so the transaction satisfied with all.


the Teacher teaches the student and gets paid for it. The student pays for their education. In most cases, the children pay the parents. If education is free, still pay their taxes. In any case, the teacher receives a salary


For the provision of services the subject pays and gets pleasure. The club is part of the service sector. Of the cost of the subscription depends on the number and quality of classes. Fitness is not a sport, it's exercise. Here the result is the feeling of the subject and his pleasure (her figure, spent time, slimming or weight).


the Coach is responsible for the result. And the result in sports is a victory over rivals. Winning competitions, the athlete brings glory not only to themselves but also to the club and the city and the country. As a rule, the result has a team of athlete, parents, coaches and staff. Everyone needs to do their job. The athlete to train and to obey their coach unquestioningly, parents create conditions, including material, trainer – to train the staff to promote.


Previously, the function of personnel was undertaken by the government. But now the state does not, and ambitions and desires are left. Therefore, many coaches have created clubs and a combine and a coach and staff. As they say, "And Shvets, and the Reaper." But not all trainers can be good managers. Make mistakes especially in the relations with the parents, forgetting that the parent is part of the team. The parent is not aware that he was dealing not only with the coach but the Manager and the head of the club.

to ACHIEVE the GOAL at ANY cost

the path to the goal takes several years. Requires a sufficiently large material costs (depending on courage).

so, the parent not only pays for the actual training coach, but for the conditions created for the training process. Must participate in training that is also necessary to pay. Participation in competitions is also free does not happen. A parent pays money.

Coach is investing in the success of their skill, experience, knowledge and time. Get money for it from the parent.

Staff spends time creating conditions in search of decent tournaments, buying tickets, booking hotels and medicine. This staff also needs to get the money. This is not a casino where you want to take the risk. There is no guarantee that the athlete will win the Olympic games or the World Cup. But the coach has a family, he, too, must live. Besides, he tries not only for himself but primarily for the athlete and his parents. I wrote above that not all coaches are managers. But I need to go! A very rare case when the parent sponsors and provides the trainer with all necessary. As a rule, on the contrary.

  • You told me coach, let me, because my son's talent and brought fame and money to you!
  • This is the big question, who will bring money to your son, becoming a champion, rather, he will not be champion and I'll be wasting your time - the coach is responsible (the bowl mentally).


typically, this issue occurs when failures. Until now all arranged, and suddenly the fare was too high. And overestimated the cost of that trainer.

  • Train better, not earn on their own athletes!

typically, this parent says it to the coach personally, and speaks in the margins, gathering support from other mothers.


don't hide the fact that the cost of the trip is stated below. After the organization of any event requires time. Contacting a travel firm, you will pay more, but the result will be worse.

parents need to talk, to explain. Treat them as part of your team.

If the parent is dissatisfied with something, you should listen to him.


You have the right to talk about their dissatisfaction to the teacher, but do it in the correct manner and in private. If something fundamentally does not agree, then you either need to compromise or split up. Note that you make a decision not only for himself but for his son.

And, most importantly, should pay for everything!

Alexander Negaturov
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