Ты никогда не будешь прежним.


"You're never the same"- phrase which you read many years in foreign texts and you are so far from it that it is perceived as a set of letters from a strange man. And then time passes in which you long and hard had to change something in the outer life, and this phrase, almost snatched from the text with their eyes, becomes your and you of course. But it is still very bulky and even frightens, repels and beats on the head the whole shock of what is happening in you.

You really are too far gone from his former self - the man you tried to be. Those whom you have appointed and issued a passport with stamps that have set important people in your way. They had print - a moron or an idiot, stupid, terrible, stupid, and who needs you, who are you or what are you saying, too much want, not not. The passport was with you all the time, but printing from them, and they decided whom you will, and you ran with this passport looking him in the eyes as if waiting for who will call today? Who today will be in otmetki stamp - ugly or handsome?

And depended on everything else, two directions, plus and minus, not to curry favor, freak, and jerk neponimaju that time and the mood and print media has a chance to grow up normal. Or minus, to jump from creep to washed-up and useless places on Earth. Print have the same that the seal snatched and managed to pick up at the principle, who first wore the robe of a doctor's office, and the doctor, and began to be stamped on him.

I'm sure that 50 to 90 percent of the problems people vneseno and stitched, postanowiono the same deeply problematic, but with stamps. So you can still go on the new cabinets in search of a more beautiful title for now, but you can stop and break the passport was issued at birth initially in the hands of a parent, going in the way of cleansing from the stamps and labels.

Normally, when you learn new activities and knowledge, and you're looking for someone who has long excelled for many years demonstrating their skills in any case. There are cooks, drives a car, builds houses from time to time better and better, such a person will help to acquire initial knowledge and let you go easily, wishing these words - go ahead, try and develop yourself, you are free and you can do it!

a Teacher who continues to scare you, to keep close and limit your natural beginning, originality, breaking it under the template pseudosasa, cloning of people and the students about their impressions of admirers, dependent, or admirers, all the while making himself. He is forced to scare and to put a leash on students, thereby living their life for them, pradleves in them. He would never say - you're free, I don't know you.

I've been on different sides of knowledge, in different poles, different principles and roles, until he stopped in the middle. In the middle I saw the emptiness that with every new person showed it. He filled the void content and its unknown to me now. It is new and I don't know him, even if we saw each other yesterday. I told him no and he told me no, I don't have a stamp, and he has a passport, I can see him now as he is me.

And what I see there is a original health, a healthy start, which have been destroyed, culled or poisoned. If I see the disease and the dirt, I work when I see health - it increases according to the principle energy input and directed attention. I see you as pristine, strong and healthy I that you can do anything you want. Perhaps this is the only my the value and usefulness of interaction with me. I'm not sorry, not sorry, not flying, not dragging and don't support falling and unfit. Apparently evolved a long time in itself and in the work. I see equal and strangers, with whom you can during the interaction to share useful, but only to share - we're partners. I through you have access to YOUR new knowledge, and you to HIS.

that is What I take the money, pay for what you will become me, and I won't live your life, you will not meet my needs, I meet them myself, and I'm not going to tear from you your. I only work with those who come to me are equal and for sharing how and I come on reception to the expert to exchange for money it services and knowledge I need. I work with those who have believed in myself and allowed myself the best of everything for himself, even if it is the best far beyond ethical limits punchers passports.

the Whole path of spiritual development can be described in one sentence - you can do everything. If you lot can't, you freak out and grow not eat. So if you grew up so Mature simplicity - you can do everything, and when all this lot, you will choose the best and become the best, that's all spirituality.

the Decision to say goodbye to the past, including with a man, never reversed to person. It's only related indirectly indirectly, as a bearer of experience that I need to. Experience obtained - one is free, and sometimes forever... to leave the people, to say - thank you for the experience, you're free. Sometimes two can say goodbye and meet new, but it's rare...to say goodbye to the man, it's just to say goodbye to a still - ignorant and to meet with a new - knowing that it is not always easy and joyful, but it is necessary for the path. To say goodbye need for new meetings.

This is a completely different, new format for many, especially for those with pasportom and stamp. I work with those who have said goodbye to your former self, and ready to say goodbye then, perhaps even more than to meet. Meetings can be a rare but valuable, equally with strangers, and only with them along the way, you'll always be the best me, going step by step to your clean, healthy and divine source. This is the only path to health, to love, to freedom and to maximize the contact with life, with people and a desire to create the best excess best.

Zinovieva Natalia
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