Ты сильнее, чем ты думаешь!

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Faced with a difficult task, and many feel a sense of fear. To change the start – that means stepping out of your comfort zone. Changes in routine, familiar world, we are afraid. Decide it is very difficult, but possible.

  1. Believe that everything has a cause! Believe in yourself even if others don't like it. People used to us this as we were. They didn't "control" and begin to protest.
  2. Turn away from your fears, go and don't stop until you reach the end of the planned movement. Along the way listen to and analyze anything. Do not turn back and if you fell, get up again and again!
  3. Be yourself, accept your flaws and let others perceive You as You are. Strive to become better, meditate and force to it.
  4. don't complain, find solutions, alternatives and act. Get ready for that all at once will not work, change the way of action, all the time try and get a result.
  5. ask for help, analyze successful people celebrate what they do, not what You do, and start doing it themselves. Ie, learn from their experience and develop it further in its direction.
  6. you distance yourself from negative people, now You need a positive attitude. Through others we see ourselves and feel the world, reflects only good.
  7. no One said that life will be cloudless. We only know that it is worth it to live. It is important to ensure their point of view, despite the fact that they will think and say surrounding. This is a long and difficult path, but it brings peace of mind, independence and joy to do what you want.
  8. If You are offered a second opportunity, take it. It is important to perform the task that gives meaning to life.

the player who is motivated by situations and circumstances that are not his desires.

Trust your fate and be prepared for anything! You certainly will succeed and let companions in your business will be a success.

Elena buryanova
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