Ты все время заново учишься жить...


Such a state when words and phrases ended. When you have nothing more to say. Life happens! And it just happens! It is a living tissue that grows on you every moment. It is a living knowledge and recognition of themselves in life it is not possible to put into words. Catch and catch for a moment, at least a little - but then everything is flowing, running and changing. Every cell in living life applies to you.
And you realize that it all this way and not otherwise. It can not even call beauty, to live the life of this little title. I would have picked up the word Majestic Soul. This is again a word.
do You sometimes look at people and see that they say one thing and live and feel different and mean something quite different from what is spoken of in the moment. And in some moments caught in the same to myself. And you realize that you can't say good or bad, you can't evaluate. You just can be in the deep silence of yourself, without words, without someone's hints. You learn to be Majestic Life.
You yourself read page after page. It's your own movie where you're a different hero. And it is sometimes not easy, because inside you are constantly the little death. You go to sleep, and would die, you Wake up and are born again in order to die. You in some way it hurts and you start to complain. You are born inside, to die and be born again. There comes a time when there is nobody to complain.
the time Comes and you primenyaetsya around inside me, with all your characters, which you saw and felt as you thought in the outside world: favorite and not favorite, envious, Avengers, virtue, happy, miserable, sufferers...... And you suddenly stop and can't catch - what is behind all these characters worth it? And sink into yourself! And here is the end of the word. Something in you stops. Because the game ends without meaning! There is nothing and has everything!
And you think You're different? No, not different and not the same. That's how you are. Here's what is now, what was yesterday and what might be coming tomorrow. And you go deeper, deeper into myself. And you can hear the smell of flowers, the smell and the sound of the trees. The smell of flowers! It is not to explain, not describe, not to tell about him. But here there is just a profound life, you touch it and you have nothing to say, you just subtly inhale the scent of life. And then again meet with a variety of characters in his life himself, but see, hear and feel what it's Majestic Life and the idea of all around. And you'll shut up and watch! And all the while re-learning to live!)

Manasyan Tatiana
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