Ты замуж-то вышла?

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I'm sitting on a Park bench and sympathetically listen to the story of his old friend about how hard she has. Here is a couple of years she married, but cannot get pregnant and problem to talk to painted in addition feelings of resentment and anger, because everyone is surrounded by ingratiating looks at my companion with a silent question in his eyes. And after publishing the photo on instagram so do the messages come in PM: "Oh, is it me or is the belly?"

"Off!" - angry with a friend, and immediately followed by"Well, you, then what? Married something not going?"

keep hearing recipe: "Yes, just married is necessary". Whether recruitment and the Director asks: "Why do you need money?" Strange question, argued later that, it turns out, the husband will work and buy everything. Or doing the repairs, and all around are trying to tell you that "just need a man", he knows all the answers and should solve such issues. Or that you have not received a visa to America, but it turns out I just married had to go, and then get. A universal solution. Seven woes - one answer.

the Concept of "marriage" in Russia is often interpreted as vaccination problems. Another is the acquisition of status, allowing to raise self-esteem, to appear in the public eye more deserving. Respect for the woman and her social level inevitably grows in power, if it has a stamp in the passport. It turns out that the motivating forces for marriage are still the social approval and the desire to postpone the task of finding solutions to their current life problems. So, my other friend shared with me that after parting with the young man, she's just not telling anybody about it, because it will damage its credibility in the eyes of others.

In family systemic psychology is the concept of a monad is the state in which the person is feeling well one ripen for marriage and so on. If this condition was omitted, the need for its implementation can be compensated by later crises, accompanied by the search for the self and a desire to be finally alone, to understand "who I am."

no matter what stage of life didn't need to live as monads, working with a specialist is the ideal help in this matter.

Nadezhda Belyakova
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