Ты ж психолог. Стотыщпятьсотая версия.

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This is probably one of the most hackneyed themes related to our profession.

And no wonder, I can't imagine any not that specialist, and even student and entrant of pigface who have not encountered these words, usually as a reproach.

And, at a certain stage, it could be quite hurt and irritate. But if something is bothering and annoying, the fact that this needs to be done? Right to talk about it. (Teaser "You want to talk about it?" hit number two, yeah).

I have met a lot of variations on this theme. Most often, they are written in a humorous vein that helps with the problem of how to cope. Remember, amused as a colleague and teacher described that his family members know that the words "you're the psychologist," you can't say in fear of flying them Slippers or other objects, caught him by the arm. :-)

to be honest, for me now this theme is not so emotionally charged. Throw sneakers anyone don't want to. But, of course, was not always the case.

I First encountered these words shortly after the utterance intentions to go to a psychologist to learn. Yes, I should have articulate relatives that I was going to enter the faculty of psychology as immediately became a "must" behave in a certain way. Namely: don't be annoyed, not angry, not to swear, not to judge, not worry, and even a whole slew of "not". Because psychologists do not behave! (Yes? what kind of aliens are these?) And more – all to understand, even without any questions and explanations and to take any manifestations of others with patience, level Eastern monk, and nothing on offense.

No, of course it wasn't live everywhere and constantly. Most often, this representation is actualized in that moment, when I suddenly: was annoyed, angry, indignant, upset, didn't understand something perfectly. Or did not do something that wanted me to do. In General, at any time, when not matched to a convenient view of how my profession needs me to fix. Should be the same in other to be at least some benefit from the fact that I get "magic abilities"?!

That has helped it to overcome me? The realization that actually is a collision with anxiety and fear. Because, for the most part, all these expectations and assumptions were a result of the anxiety surrounding that I have an ability that allows to see through all and know all about what they themselves are afraid to admit. And I have that I can't do those expectations match.

What helped your family? The gradual understanding that there is no magic scanner and x-ray vision I have. I have not ceased to be a real person, with weaknesses and emotions, misconceptions and errors, advantages and disadvantages. And yet, I have no intentions and all desires and all to analyze and "treat".

And, most importantly, I stopped to show to itself increased requirements for all these points and try anything match.

Together with it has disappeared and the most annoying manipulative component of these words.

have you Changed something in me since joining the profession? Of course, how! And many people close to this note. But fortunately for me and others, not so dramatically and incredibly, as everyone expected and feared.

And now the words "you're a psychologist" not hurt, not exalt or belittle me. It's just a statement of fact - my profession, education, knowledge, attitude, skills and experience. Yes, I'm a psychologist and it sounds great! :-)

Yulia Vorobyeva
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