Ты-женщина и ты несовершенна


the World of beauty and fashion all around us from almost all sides: "you have to Have perfectly straight teeth,"say dentists in the toothpaste. "Thick hair-the key to success"-echo barbers with blue screens. This same choir included manufacturers of gaskets, arguing that without them, you're unsure of himself. br>
And add this compote hackneyed quotes from various publics about the fact that the abdominals need to approach 15 times instead of 10, and drinking water in half liter a day (here the figure is floating). Picture to posts easily evoke a sense of sadness and apathy-the curves of the bodies of girls from the picture so slim and beautiful...

And as a result you can easily come to the conclusion that you are imperfect, you are beautiful without all these tooth pastes, hair dryers, lipsticks, and other things, but your hands will always be dry, if you do not buy that detergent for dishes, which showed only that))

What happens next? Inner race-have yet to get a drink of water, get buff, buy that dress with the purse, to complement the lip gloss and, of course, about the detergent do not forget it'll be beautiful, feminine, and so loved...but then it happens-has released a new mascara...

Our women are raised in accordance with the rule "you can never be too beautiful." More precisely even so. "Don't be proud of yourself"-here is a more accurate wording. When the girl is still small mom is happy and proud to buy her dresses, weave braids and wear beautiful shoes. But should a girl start a show off as its start "down to earth":

- dont look in the mirror-the beauty misses

- What dressed grooms are attracted to?

- Paint only vulgar girl

Here is drag critical remarks about her figure: thick, thin, bony sliver. Similar criticisms pouring in from all sides: at home, school, friends. Girls like childhood zastyivaet for what they are. No, not all fall under this-some people are lucky and they shy away, they also are capable of feeling its beauty and femininity without any additional attributes.

Here exactly what I'm talking about those cases, girls or women is missing the inner bearing on the belief in its beauty and attractiveness. They always need a drug from the external environment to briefly come into contact with such a desired sense of harmony and femininity to the eye burned and was delight: "that's what I pretty. Now my lips are perfectly expressive!". As you might expect-enough for a while: shame to awake, and starts the self-blame: "What lips if the sides hang? And closet old." And all over again.

the Sadness of this whole situation is that it is running in circles, there would ideally be the mirror to acquire and to ask periodically who is the fairest of them all. While such a mirror, unfortunately. With varying degrees of success manage husbands and children. Just how long is not enough-if inside the black hole, which eats up any positive assessment.

you Can continue to Supplement the new makeup shadows and lotions in the hope that it will be a full set. Someone this strategy works, by the way. And you can go deeper and start to look for support within themselves, and learn to tell yourself "Well, what side? But freckles are beautiful!". And proudly go pancake))

without paid online training for women "Way to yourself" we will learn to find support in yourself, and in addition:

-complete daily tasks;
-to get Acquainted with them using metaphorical maps;
-to Communicate;
-Learn to accept yourself, and much more)

Start on 10 September, sign up and join the group-it is open until 9 September)br>
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Babko Catherine
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