Тяжесть в груди. Психосоматика любовного переживания

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the advice came a woman of 35 years (let's call her E.) with complaints about the state of high anxiety and a feeling of heaviness in the chest, in the region of the heart, shortness of breath. Previously she examined the heart and respiratory pathology have been identified. The client was physically absolutely healthy.

When we began to analyze what events preceded the emergence of anxiety and heaviness in the chest, the woman admitted that she had a love and strong sexual attraction to one of the employees (M).

These feelings she was forbidden, because he was married and adhered to strict moral principles. Colleague is the object of her passion was also married.

Tough, neurotic super-Ego client suppressed the expression of erotic feelings for man, which was manifested by anxiety, heaviness in chest, sometimes psychogenic vomiting.

In the middle of our analysis of the situation, the woman fell ill with tonsillitis and fell ill with a fever, unable to go to work and thus distancing themselves from meetings with the object of desire, like from morbid the psychotherapeutic process.

Her case has prompted me to seek out one of the works of Sigmund Freud on the subject of treatment of hysteria his young patient Dora (IDA Bauer).

For hysterical neurosis (the identity of the client was just hysterical) is characterized by a manifestation of conversion symptoms when internal conflict is repressed forbidden desires transformered to the disease. As a result, the unresolved conflict attraction associated with the bottom of the abdomen (genitalia), can be localized in the upper body, manifesting in chest, psychogenic diseases of the respiratory organs, throat, migraines, Adonijah, fainting and even paralysis, etc.

to overcome the symptom, you want to allow or at least ease the contradiction between the desired and the forbidden.

next, Working through the neurosis of the client, we came to the following insight: the object of love aroused in a woman is a strong father transference. From the anamnesis it became clear that she was raised by a sadistic father.

E. remembered an episode from his childhood, as his father once he started to strangle her with a pillow, and then turned the whole thing into a joke. In addition to sadistically, the father of the client was to her very incestuoso. She remembered also, as was taking a bath with his father and saw his naked genitals. Thus, the fear of women alternated with eroticism.

Because a man she had an intense paternal migration, it began to torment sadomasochistic erotic fantasies. Long E. be ashamed of them and suppressed. In therapy, she had a chance to verbalize what has long been suppressed. The story of women.

"I've often fantasized how we M make love. He dominates and we both have an orgasm happens when M presses my face into the pillow and I start to choke".

At the next session the woman was crying a lot. In her words:

"Over the past week I've thought a lot about your father transference about his father and about the sex with asphyxia. I realized one thing. I don't want to be a victim in his hands, I don't want to be strangled, I don't want this rough sex. I really want another, love."

Next, E. beat a sexual fantasy, inventing a different ending:

"M. dominates, he slowly turned me on. His excitement is also growing, and ready to reach the peak - so we can reach orgasm, he just needs to start to strangle me. It seems to be just a game, but so real and dangerous! And now, M needs to strangle me, but this time he refuses to do so. He holds me tight and says he loves and will never hurt me".

needless to say, that was passed a difficult way and shed a lot of tears?

But without it, E. it was hardly possible to defeat your symptoms, and together with him and neurosis.

After the verbalization of inner conflict, the emotional background of women has improved, the heaviness in his chest disappeared.

at times, laid in childhood destructive scenarios can lead to tragic consequences if remain in the unconscious, without elaboration.

Elena Burkova
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