Тяжкое бремя выбора.


In fact, this burden is not. We suffer not by choice, but by fear of the consequences of the choice. And evaluate the choice after to cope with the consequences of the choice were normal. The consequences of nice – a good choice. The consequences are not pleasant – bad choice.

what is the choice? The desire to have. To have a thing, condition, relationship. And the stronger the desire, the less criticality in the moment of choice. The criticality of their actions, sobriety evaluation. As said by one of her clients – know that everything is wrong and cheating, but stops could not, was so good. And get what you've always wanted. The consequences were catastrophic. And well, I was able to get out of the situation without serious health effects.

There are many tips on how to choose. Here I want to talk about the choice in the relationship with the other person.

When you put before a choice - do as I say or I or is it... it does not give you a choice. The selection took place. You appreciated. Weighed. Decided.

And it looks like this - you put on one scale, and on the other the desire to have. That have already not important. Especially in the case when you put supposedly in front of a choice, is not interested in - which will cost you compliance with this requirement. So you are only a means to achieve the desires of the opponent.

the Choice is already made, you nominated this condition. You just have to accept it or not. There is nothing to choose between the proposed, different person. And to choose between – to stand at the level where this choice sets or their vision of their place.

the Emotion here is useless advice. This is all the advice I want to give this choice. Emotions only brightens your choice. Believe in yourself and in something that will cope with any consequences. Cope with or without. There's always a consequence and they will be both positive and bad. Everything will be in one bottle. You got rid of the negative state in your estimation. And lost all hope and perspective for the future together, in case of rupture. Or, on the contrary. Patience and illusory perspective.

What are the guarantees where they can't be. Life guarantees - total 100% fatal. The rest is in your hands.

When you put forward such conditions. You only need to recognize the choice you have made, and the time to prepare for the consequences. And the choice is not in favor of the partner. You do not care how he is and what. You are interested in you. Your condition. Your desire to have. Probably and never interested. Maybe you didn't love the partner. Perhaps you loved to love. That is, do you like your love. And how it ended, it all started. That's just to recognize it is unpleasant and shameful. Yes, and pass on to another the burden of choice, responsibility much easier. Here it did not fulfill my condition and all, I'm free. Before putting the other before choosing, ask yourself what you have chosen already? What role is played by the other. What place do you allot to it? Perhaps the responses will clarify everything for you personally and you will take full responsibility for their choices. And take action for yourself. With heat.

Igor Eroshkin
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