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Reflection after counseling with the client.
*** "How can you suggest such a thing? Well you are the psychologist!!!" Scarier than the psychologist can only be a psychologist, who advised me to go to a neurologist.
Yes, indeed, a PSYCHOLOGIST... and professionalism is also to understand the limits of your competence as possible to help in collaboration with the client and other professionals. It is because in addition to working with the soul, the necessary assistance to the body, help nervous system.
And it's not terrible-terrible, but necessary (perhaps a one-time course), which will help to restore sleep, reduce anxiety, eliminate ticks, change the state of ajitirovanne movements and speech adequate to the situation. Depressive and depressed "smooth" so You came out of the stupor and began to move towards their goals.
*** "How can you suggest such a thing? It's psychosomatic! Here will start to correctly perceive the situation, and all of my sickness shall depart! And drugs are bad!"
There is a myth that ANY problems of the body, ANY disease would go away if people let go of negative emotions, change the environment, improve the circumstances of life.
In this direction it is necessary to move to health physical and physical and psychologist helps the client in this way is not simple. But this process, which on the one hand the necessary strength to start, but on the other hand, it requires time.
And you know the term somatopsychic? In this case the mind without treating physical ailments is possible only in a small range. Man is soul and body mutually affecting his perception of the world.
***"I Have a sick child. A strong cough. More than a month. How can you suggest such a thing? To the doctor are not going it's clear why! Prescribe antibiotics, and it is harmful. You see, I have to solve their psychological problems, then the child will stop hurting. It is my belief." We respect the different beliefs and desires of the customers. The truth is hard... In cases where in danger children, for example...
Faith in a quick healing of the body psychologist, which was destroyed at different levels for many years, like a mystical child thinking. Delighted by the fact that it can work out – ( and suddenly!) and most importantly the right affirmation, preferably obtained in the first (and last) meeting. Then the psychologist is a magician, and the client is the hero. ( Otherwise it's LIKE??? Systemic therapy??? Neeee... not heard...) And fear of modern drugs is also similar to the children's. "Am I now crazy?" It is not clear this medicine affects the degree of my reactions, so in control. And to understand, to read the reviews, visit several doctors and compare their recommendations to replace medication physio treatments at the end?
let the idea that your nervous system - it has long been operating in an alarm condition, the circuit of nerve impulses. And that this is affecting your life. On relationships with family, friends and (or) children, your hysterical reactions (or suspension) on your communication can't establish a good contact. And you lose relationships, opportunities, health. Because the nervous system is the main system in our body. And requires careful and delicate handling.
Let's grow, trying to understand what prevents to take the help of different experts on the way to prosperity. All health of soul and body!

Stegny Maria
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