У моего ребенка энурез

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my child's bedwetting

Good afternoon, my dear reader. In this article we are with you, dear parents, discuss the problem of enuresis in children. At first glance is not the problem, the incident. And you can call the minor as a cold. And the reason it is profoundly not in the cold.

it turns enuresis in a child it's just sort of instinct of nature. He's kind of like animals marking their territory, which is to go strictly prohibited. When an animal marks its territory, it claims sovereignty. This suggests that for this area's restricted.

Parents do not understand. Try every possible way to prevent this phenomenon and worsen the situation.

What is really going on? The child the whole essence of the nature of the leader. Try all sorts of way to belittle and subjugate their will. Parents with good intentions cause your child harm. Forcing to do the action, unusual for the leader they humiliate your child.

what if the child in his behavior reveals the makings of a leader? It's as natural as breathing. If it is important, dear parents, you will certainly be able to resolve this issue.

to Recognize the in our child's leader and to act in accordance this is normal. Moreover, if we as parents fail to pay attention to it, the child will be able to draw the attention of others.

case study.

mom and Dad were asked to help in a situation with a child. The child is 6 years old. He is constantly waking up wet in bed. No warnings don't work.

Remember the movie police Academy when one of the officers gave a loud command to sit, then sat on the floor even people. And one of the dogs of the village and described below. This is the instinct. Or else, in nature cats are and mark your territory. Why is this happening? They thus show: "don't bother me".

Also in life. If we parents won't be able to approach your child and continue to kill in it individuality, the result is not exactly happy.

How in that case to do? I wish to change the approach to your child. Treat him as an adult. See him as the leader. Man with a capital letter. And start to treat him as the leader.

for Example. Dad two boys. the senior leader, and the youngest slave. If the Pope said this morning the two of them: "Quickly go brush your teeth". Be sure that a senior came up with another job, and then I went to brush my teeth. Realizing the situation, the father says to the elder: "Tom, check that your brother brushed my teeth."

now everything on the ground. As a senior leader Junior takes his hand and leads him into the toilet for a morning procedure. And the youngest too. He not only received a command, as a slave, and yet he has accompanying all the action. All happy.

If the parent will not change their behavior to a boy, his disease may become chronic.


Often parents do not realize that their child can be strong. The desire to show the leading role, we forget the main.

We should be important not the truth at any cost, and our relationship.

We as parents should understand their child, and for this we need to know a little. To know without training will not work. Want to know a little more? Sign up for a consultation. Most likely you did not correctly understand your child.

I Wish you, my dear readers, live life to the fullest and not to forget about their procreation.

Love and joy, with respect Alexey Rumyantsev is an expert on family relations.

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