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One day, on my advice asked family about the disobedience of the child, who at that time was six years old. We are located in the Cabinet, mom and dad started to talk about their concerns, and the baby decided to actively explore the space. He pulled all the toys, got into all the cupboards, ignoring the comments of the parents. Attempts to somehow set boundaries for the child were in vain. Mom and dad, as if apologizing for the child's behavior is explained by ADHD, with which they cannot cope. I began to clarify who diagnosed? It turned out that no one diagnosis is not set.

I gave this case study to show that sometimes it is easier to write off complexity in the child's behavior on a non-existent ADHD, rather than to look for reasons in themselves. In the above example, the problem was that parents, for whatever reason, was not able to build boundaries for your child. At that time, my attempts to point this out were unsuccessful, because it was strong myth about the original defect of the child. Unfortunately, the parents just wanted a confirmation of it.

I propose to understand what constitutes add And ADHD.

ADHD is a serious neurological diagnosis that puts a neurologist. It is associated with minimal brain dysfunction, which imposed additional neurological symptoms. In the foreground is always the violation of the voluntary attention, the child is difficult to concentrate on something that he is not interested, where it is necessary to show strong-willed efforts. In this regard, it is the school most parents learn about SDV in their child. Sometimes attention deficit is also joined by the constant desire to move, the result is ADHD. The characteristic features of these children is:

  • fatigue
  • the Child can hold in mind and manipulate limited amount of information. This will be especially noticeable when solving problems in several actions, inability to remember complicated instructions.
  • impaired memory in the form of forgetfulness, difficulty to remember some stuff
  • Cyclic brain activity: children can execute arbitrary (where you need to make the effort) work for a limited time (5-15 minutes), then the brain is "resting" and the child is not able to understand and comprehend incoming information (3-7 minutes), it may look as if it shuts down or fails to, then recovers until the next cycle. The longer a child is, the shorter the periods of health and long rest periods, until absolute exhaustion.

Studies show that the majority of children with MMD brain function is fully restored in 5-7 class, provided, however, that in the process of training and education will take into account all of the child.

unfortunately, the above case is not unique in my practice when parents playfully credited with such a difficult diagnosis to their children. If you detect symptoms of ADHD in a child, the first person you should contact is a neurologist. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then the psychologist will help you figure out what to do with it, if not confirmed, it is a chance to think, and what else may be hiding.

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