У Вас меняется окружение? Что это значит и как с этим быть?


Today's article is practical and the exercises can be helpful for understanding ongoing changes.

I think we've all had situations in life when old friends go away gradually, or, on the contrary, through the scandals and quarrels. When the environment starts to annoy, cause discomfort. When dealing with these people, do not want, or when people themselves are not ready to see us. And sometimes otherwise when there are new people coming in quite a strange way in our lives and remaining in it for the long haul. Familiar?

Recently, one close man said to me: "Julia, thanks to you I know when I'm changing and when I need to change anything in my life." And when I asked what is the meaning of the answer was this: "when we meet, I immediately feel comfortable to me or not. If comfortable – so we are moving in the same direction and develop with approximately the same speed. But if suddenly I feel something what bothers me about you, I for some reason do not want to meet with you, your words make me tense and I start to listen to yourself and understand that in some area of life I have a "blank" that I need to work on it".

What does it mean?

Think about it: is there anything in Your life, close people, with whom relations in the recent time has changed tense from Your or from the opposite side. First and foremost, you need to know – CHANGES! Something in life is changing, or has Your loved one or You. It is equally affects relationships.

Like this?

Take a sheet of paper, pencil, glass of water or tea and sit back. So, ask yourself a few questions: what are the items, topics and issues you and this man break up, there is a doubt or resistance?? This man You are annoying, confusing or irritating? As this moment now responds in Your life? What in Your life is happening on this subject? Move on.

for Example: I was annoyed with my pregnant friend was talking to her husband. He treated her very rudely, in my opinion, even insulted her. When I saw this, I was shocked and then this friend not seen for about a year. When I began to understand the causes of this turmoil, I realized that I personally can't stand this attitude from the men in principle. This understanding was very important to me at the time.

Next, consider: what in Your life has changed or is changing at the moment? Work, career, income level, Outlook on life, relationships, anything. Or is there something that for a long time I would like to change? br>
by Answering these questions, You will be able to understand that in some area there is great potential or active promotion, which You still don't notice for some reason. Therefore, it will be necessary either to move to realize the potential, or to pay attention to flowing inside You processes.

In the world is a reflection of ourselves. And we are a reflection of our world. We are changing — changing our environment. If others will catch up to our level for some time – they will remain. If they are due to various reasons would prefer to stay at that level, which was — our paths likely will diverge. It must be clearly understood.

Reverse side of this law

this law has a reverse effect: if we very much want some changes and progress in your life, it is necessary to change the social circle where these qualities or resources will be present. That is, for example, if I want to increase my income, I will be dealing primarily with those people with incomes similar to what I want. Create your surroundings, learn from it! Learn to listen and hear him – as a rule, the signals environment gives us a lot of information about ourselves. At least it will be an occasion to reflect.

And most importantly, listen to yourself and be in contact with you. The most important thing is that You can catch and detect. The world helps You to see the change in yourself and change. This is Your resource and Your strength!

I wish You Success and the best environment for Your development!

Julia Portland

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