Убеждения про деньги

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If you look at most of the people around you and earning more than you, then you can easily see that most of them are the same as you. Not smarter, not more active, but nevertheless, they earn more. Why?

the Money starts with belief. If you remember the majority of their "It will not work" "Yes who wants to pay for it" "I'm not educated enough/as to something to start", we can see that this is a destructive beliefs which prevent the move. And often they have little in common with reality. For example, after spending several years in self-study any subject or hobby you can think of that is not enough, because you have no certificate. Now think, who will be of great prestige: the man with a formal education, but who was forced to unlearn and he doesn't remember anything or who consciously chose the job and dedicated to him with interest the many hours of your life? For me the answer is obvious.
examples of an infinite number of people around, we look with amazement and wonder, "Why is he able to make money?". And, as a rule, the question just hangs in the air unanswered and no action.

If you bring in an example themselves, that I am extremely lazy, do not know and do not like a lot of work, I'm not nearly as active as most of my friends, not as smart as, say, my parents. I haven't made a single innovation or have not implemented anything super new. At some point I just took and started to do something: as it turned out, he saw slowly. And in the end earn more than their smart, beautiful, educated and active friends. Not all of course)

so, about beliefs. br>
  1. I Need to write all beliefs about money that you heard in childhood, you were told in school, in the family that you have for yourself. At the stage of painting you can try to critically look at them, do you follow them when deciding what and how to do it. It is desirable to have a book where to write them yourself constantly, during the day it is extremely difficult to do.
    Often, the mere fact that we base beliefs on paper, it helps to be aware of their presence and start to act differently, more efficiently.
    Example : "do Not live lavishly, nothing to start", "Money not important" "Money works hard to get that"
  2. Our beliefs are sold through our actions or lack thereof. Formulate a list of what you would really like to do, but long overdue. It may be unfinished business, and wishlist (to improve their health, to have a beautiful body, to create a successful business in any category)
  3. this list ask yourself the question, what can I do today to bring yourself to the desired? Usually, doing just one thing a day, you'll be surprised how quickly you can resolve many issues.
Absolutely sure all the tools work, through which I took personally and that brought me the result.

And what you've noticed for a persuasion?

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