Убеждения, влияющие на жизнь

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Since childhood we grow, absorbing the various rules that we broadcast the family and society. They relate to different spheres of life and Express different attitudes to them. And, of course, each person has his own set of rules that govern his life. Of our life. Specifically your life.
the Rules are based on social ideology: "First think about Motherland, then about yourself." Talk about normal relationships: "Beats – means loves". Attitude: "measure twice, cut once", "the Eyes are afraid, and hands do". Attitude to money and wealth: "Poor but honest", "do Not live lavishly, there is nothing to start."
Such rules, based on the sayings, thoughts, songs, ideas and phrases thousands of times heard from parents and relatives form an individual way to relate to different aspects of your life.

Working with these beliefs living inside a person, I always suggest to look at how these beliefs apply to his reality, his vision of life now. Because it often happens that these internal rules form a "glass ceiling" or the "invisible cage", which man cannot overcome. They are difficult to overcome in the first place because they are not recognized. Rarely blurts. Just live within at the level of the unshakable foundations of behavior. And the second difficulty is even aware of them, people often agree with the very statement, although totally against the effect of this belief, how would it not sound paradoxical. For example, a person may consider that he wants to be rich or even rich and at the same time believe that wealth is created through unfair means. And he was raised by an honest and decent man. And then he falls into a vicious circle, exit from which can be found only with outside help. Inside a notice almost unreal.

And what do you have beliefs that you consider correct or strongly incorrect?

Osin, Denis
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