Убираем аноргазмию. Как устранить неуверенность в сексе и в себе? Женская сексуальность


self-doubt. I would call it the root cause of female sexual difficulties, so to say, base. And this is where the legs grow from a variety of female problems, such as anorgasmia, vaginismus, dyspareunia. I'm not talking about sexual blocks and constraints. Then self-doubt will be a priority in a troubled state.

when I started working with my client from Moscow on the topic of her anorgasmia, lack of confidence and sex emerged in the first place. This was due to the "classic" work of sexologists, psychotherapists and marriage counseling – a memory about how school girl was not interest by the guys. This is especially vivid and there is a negative, when all around you friends who are in demand in this regard.

We discussed these situations and let go of the problem state. It resonated with a difference of those girls and clients. She said she was at that time: boring a surly, arrogant enough, that hard to open up to people.

I'm Not going to describe how we cleaned these States, then all family psychologists, psychotherapists and sexologists have their own methods and approaches to psychotherapy.

Instead, the client gained more confidence, understanding their feminine essence, she doesn't quite now, years later, has other thoughts and behavior.

Then, came the image of her current partner. Evident is that in addition to sex, it is of little interest to people. With him there's not much to talk about, and sex does not help the situation, in the end, the level of libido of my client from Moscow is maximally lowered and there is no necessary excitation.

Here, working already on this subject, we changed the look of the girl herself (in the absence of admission of a partner). Need to be kinder to people, because after the previous separation remains evil, resentment and bitterness after a relationship.

along the way, Now we have removed these difficulties, and the client began to look differently at his new boyfriend. In addition, I, as a psychologist-sexologist, added to her coquetry, and this state of "flirt" (the client's words), and the ability to quickly start a conversation, including sex.

Next, came another aspect of her inner alienation, loneliness and insecurity. The girl didn't accept because, once, it did not take mom. The girl always missed her love, care and attention.

Now she was able to realize this and to change the perception of yourself along the way, we have otremontirovali and mother who begins to behave with my daughter otherwise. After such work, the girl said she now need to add the lightness and gaiety. No problem here, because as an altered state of my client from Moscow is good "lay".

Then he remembered his first sex. Then there was a lot of discomfort, including the fact that the defloration was long and painful. Now the client has acquired a different vision: it was long ago, in the end everything turned out, and not have to worry about this.

After that revealed the theme: several different look at sex. It girl changed to a more positive: "well, okay." She didn't want to go deep into the problem, however, is her right.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

Afanasyev Lily
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