Убираем энергетические привязки оптом


Sometimes, when we need to remove the energy of binding "wholesale". Bind with your parents, distant and close relatives, friends, past sexual partners.

What is binding energy? This is the sustainable energy bond, which makes you dependent on another person. And often the other person does addicted to you. How are the bindings? The point is that we don't give the other person the right to be independent. And likewise, not allow ourselves to be independent.

a Strong energy connection is necessary in infancy and early childhood between the child and the mother, is the power relationship between partners in marriage. In General energy relations are normal, they exist and help humans to survive in this world.

Another thing when we are dealing with bindings. The binding is also an energy connection, but which prevents the expression of free will. You can say that this energetic connection with the violations.

Some examples of bindings?

the Rescue. Man thinks that doing a good thing, it may many years to feed his partner, which acts as an energy parasite. The rescue is a symptom of a codependent relationship, the codependent person continues to live with a dependent person and, moreover, often unconsciously reinforcing the dependence of the partner, for example alcohol.

the guilt. Also had a strong bind. While we feel guilt in relation to another person, we feel like we owe him something. And usually we continue energetically to feed the connection.

Unpaid debt. Any major material loss, the cause of which was a different man, leads to the formation of strong binding.

Resentment. When we are offended at the other person, our thoughts constantly revolve around this man. And part of our energy is tied to this person.

Revenge. similarly, when we want to take revenge on another person, do not allow ourselves to forgive him. Of course, you decide to revenge to that person or to forgive. The fact is that while you are making plans of revenge, then again, remain energetically tied to this person.

bind Parent. As I have previously observed that at an early age there is a need for energy ties between the child and parents. But when the child grows up and the parents don't want to let go of their child at will, such energy relationship begins to hurt in the first place, because it prevents them to continue to develop and grow. There is an apt name for this phenomenon – syndrome uncut umbilical cord, like mother and baby continue to be United by this umbilical cord.

Lack of reciprocity in the relationship. One partner loves and the other not. Or one partner wants the relationship and the other not. What happens in this case? Partner tries to bind to another in a variety of ways, including through those that I have listed above.

What to do with the energy bindings? You can work for them on a psychological level. Find the reason to look for benefits and release, for example through forgiveness.

you Have concerns that working with the energy bindings may suffer energetic connection between you and your partner? Again, what binding is what prevents the freedom and growth of another person. They are by definition always destructive for both. And if there is a power relationship and it is necessary, it is, of course, remain.

Go to the main point. When you are working on binding, and too many of them, it can sometimes feel that still some unexamined moments. Then there is the option to work on them all at once at the level of energy.

the technique is as follows:

can You imagine yourself on the beach, on the pier or on the Cape. Imagine a passenger ship. And then see him go all those people with whom you have a binding.

And then imagine how tsvetovaya ship and begins to sail. It moves away farther and farther from the shore, and you try to feel how the energy of binding is destroyed as soon as the ship sailed from the coast.

And then imagine how the ship disappears behind the horizon or mist, floating away far, far away and with thanks of all go.

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Sergei Davidenko
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