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One of my client, a very attractive and well built young woman has long been in a traumatic relationship. Her partner resorted to psychological violence in pretty rough shape to impose her will. Do not shun it and physical...

I say, that such an aggressive reaction on his part appeared not at once. They grew slowly, drop by drop, in a few years. Each time, loving her young man, she forgave him another explosion, blamed on nature, an accident, sought out the reason in yourself. As a result, the sensitivity to violence has decreased and that seemed unacceptable to close relations, has been regarded as the norm. My client became more and more submissive, the relationship is filled with fear. br>
Telling his story, she wept bitterly, regretting those years. br>
Then the subject of these relations for some time was abandoned, and we have touched only briefly and superficially. I realized that this story is something and it is not agreed, it should come back, but how? Here I had my doubts as to the known methods. The options of writing him a letter without sending it to Express all that I am and similar vehicles, I somehow brushed aside and waited. Waited, not knowing yet exactly what. Consultation at this stage in a supportive manner. And, as it turned out, waited not in vain. br>
This was the sixth or seventh meeting. She my client came
visibly relaxed, smiling, sat in a chair with his shoulders back. The village and said: "Olga, I will tell you this now!". I want to say that with such statements, I begin to feel impatient interest, so got on the chair waiting. And that's what I heard. It turned out that for several years after breaking up with this man and to this day periodic dreamed of her partner abuser. In these dreams the way she did it in such a way that their relationship starts again. My client jumped in the night, trying to escape from this nightmarish dream in which she experienced the helplessness and fear. Of course, the background anxiety also went to train in everyday life after such experience. br>
And the dream repeated. Only she had behaved in this radically different. Instead of the usual earlier fear she had felt anger and cried to him: "Out of my life! If you just try to approach me, then..." Then she told me that she promised to do with him. The moment I censor miss. But he I was very much pleased. :) When she woke up that night, fear not. It is not vital in this day and in the office. br>
so, for the support psyche worked independently and rewrote the behavioral pattern of the victim on the behavior of confident and able to stand up for themselves women actualizarea anger. And what pleases me most about this story is that it happened from the inside without the use of techniques. (the story is told with the permission of the client)

Olga Khrustaleva
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