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society accepted that indecision is a trait with which to deal: learn to make choices, not to rush, to be sure. Let's see, is it possible to "fix"? br>
speaking from a medical point of view, determination/indecision of a person depends on the type of the nervous system. There are only three: strong, medium and weak. We are all born with a certain type of nervous system, it affects our character and temperament. In fact to radically change it is impossible. br>
People with weak type of nervous system, as a rule, sensitive, emotional, empathic, those about whom they say: "takes everything to heart." For the weak type of nervous system is characterized by a high level of courage and low level of determination. Yes, courage and determination — things are quite different in nature. br>
Courage is quick reaction to what is happening. People with a weak nervous system in case of fire the first to jump into the fire to save the victims. However, after that they realize what has happened and starts to panic, starts to fear what has already happened. br>
Decisiveness is quite a different trait is the ability to make choices. A sensitive man, as a rule, has a very active imagination, so in my head at the moment of deciding he paints many versions of the consequences. To make a choice it is very difficult because of this acute sensitivity to the world and yourself. br>
People with a weak nervous system, ordering in a café, the dish may immediately regret it. Having bought the thing to take her to the store the next day. Initiating relations, doubted them with periodicity once a week. He chooses, and then immediately begins to fear: "And if I did?". br>
I Admit that I, as a possessor of the same type of nervous system is understood by all its bonuses and challenges. Indecision is a trait that is very troubling. But I've learned to live with it. And now happy to share with the same commitment issues its "life-hacks".
first, accept the fact that you are so/so. Type of nervous system very much determines the human behavior. You simply arranged so fundamentally you have not changed. Accept that you are always in doubt. And not because they made the wrong choice, but because you just can't be sure! Give yourself the opportunity to live your doubts and let them go. Take it for granted that you find it difficult given a choice. In any case, do not blame yourself and don't try to redraw. It helps in this way, a sense of humor. br>
Second, always pause before you make a choice. Thus a large part of the doubts you will live before deciding and be able to calm down. For example, you liked thing in the store. At the magic words "offer" and "sale" it is better to close your eyes, they will only bring additional stress. Give yourself a few days to think up this thing to your wardrobe, whether you imagine in it. Live your throwing because without them you are not you. Then buy. And you know you will certainly come roomnames in this thing (see point 1). In the end, even if you stop liking your purchase — no problem, give it to someone and do a good deed.) It is important to understand that in most cases the consequences are not quite the right choice is not as scary and dramatic as you think. br>
come to the third point. This technique is more rational, but I really suggest to use it all, for whom the decision every time - flour. Tool "I Want — I Can." Take a leaf, split it in half solid below and write: I want this, and you can here it. What we do next - we look, where "want" and "can" are the same. br>
"Can" doesn't always involve money, it is often for emotional comfort. For example, I want to buy this thing, and like even can, but to me it seems unreasonably expensive, I feel comfortable to leave some of the money for themselves for free access. "Can" also implies the consequences of the choice. For example, I want to go on a journey to India for six months. Can I? Theoretically it is possible. However, I will have to keep their clients, which I am, breaking commitments, thus affected my relationships with people. If I want those effects? No, not really. So for now I will choose the journey for a shorter period, and India are planning in the next year, prepared in advance, and without violating any obligations. br>
Introspection is a great thing, especially when "sausage" from the emotions.A matter of choice "willing and Able" it's great to disassemble. Just write and write whenever I can't decide anything. In the end, learn to understand yourself. br>
finally, perhaps the most important thing I would like to tell you about. The choice is primarily a matter of trust yourself, your intuition, inner gut. Even people with a weak nervous system sometimes feel distinctly: "mine!". Unlike other only that they are after enlightenment you still start to doubt. Catch the signals from my heart, for you choose to is often the surest. Listen to yourself, not to the "Chinese community" in my head.

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