Учимся говорить " Нет"

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do you Know how to say " no "?
Calmly, confidently , without trembling with the voice... so ... it was just
" No," not "Yes or maybe"..
Some practical advice.

Option 1.

Say NO - a clear modulated voice, looking straight in the eyes , and feel confidence in the body and say NO and not explain why, just NO ( I really don't want) . Before that, train at home and repeat several times . Look at yourself in the mirror, say the phrase, feel the support in the body.

Example: No , I don't want

Option 2.

Say NO - as in the first case, and add a -because...

for Example: "No", I can't go to watch a movie with you because I want to sleep.

This is a more gentle way of rejection .

Option 3.

Say NO with an alternative, that is deny , but say the option where the other person can get what you want.

Example : I don't want to cook dinner tonight, the refrigerator is the food (dumplings, sausage, cheese, cake.. ).

THERE - is told with the care of another (meaning I don't want, I don't have the resources or anything else.. and I care about you misleading eating in the refrigerator.)

Option 4

Say NO to - as an option at the moment .

Example: "within 3 days I will not do the job, as busy with other things, and will make it by Friday."

That is, stipulate the time, knowing that at this point in time, eating more important things to do , or not enough of the resource.

Option 5. "

No "with understanding . In that case, if it is close to people important to you , and you understand the importance of his request , but at the moment you have no opportunity, time and resources to do so.

for Example "I understand that for you is very important, but sorry I can't help ( because... or just without explanation)

to Recognize the importance of the wishes of a loved one , sorry can't today.

Most importantly, give yourself PERMISSION to say NO

And let it be clumsy attempts, maybe not always correct, but they will be. This exercise.

And after each of your failures ( if you really don't want to), you will emerge with a sense of self-esteem to yourself . I was able to do it.

After saying NO - we defend our borders, take care of themselves, their time, their health , about his life.

But that's another story ... taking Care of yourself

If you want to practice skills to refuse,

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