Учись учиться у молодых

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learn to learn in young

Young is very cool. They are different. They're not like us (those who are 50+).

We love the manual, the rules of the scheme. They do everything "at random", by analogy, just playfully, and not afraid of anything.

We've been taught in school and in institutions. Time is changing so fast that you do not have time for all innovations.

for fifty years everything has changed: household appliances, cars, ways of consumption of goods and services, travel, and opportunity in General. The devices have been complex, with many possibilities to be configured.

that there is a "smart house" where everything is stuffed with electronics and many of the processes automated? Development of a new is imperative. Almost all government offices – electronic account on the websites of the organizations, and we must somehow learn to use it all. It is much easier for modern life.

What can we learn from the young? Mobility, foreign language skills, ease in dealing with technology, cars, Internet.

what is it? To be fossil mammoth, and the modern man, keeping up with the times, not to feel foolish about the ATM or vending machine burgers. To navigate in everyday life and technology. To travelling, it was possible to explain and be understood by his interlocutor, and not feel dumb.

Just do not make smart look and think to myself: "I'm older and therefore smarter (wiser, etc.), and I ask no questions." Wrong approach. Older – smarter worked in the nineteenth century when lifestyles were Patriarchal and people for centuries have lived in one place and using the same instruments and subjects. Yes, the experience of the older generation were often priceless. Who could tell, to teach, to instruct? Now, this postulate does not work. The young know a lot more than the old, and if you do not know, you can get knowledge by themselves through the Internet.

If you do not seek a new, easy to turn into an old lady sitting on a bench and spletnichayu about the neighbors, or standing in queues for payment of utilities on mail.

I Call on all those whose age is 50+: ask the young, learn from them, do not hesitate to ask for help. Don't ask me to do for you, ask to teach, and to do everything yourself: create email accounts in networks, search for information, use the sites, pay for services via the Internet, learn foreign languages. Solve several problems at once: what to do with your free time and what to talk about with my son (daughter) in addition to talking about their diseases.

Alla Sizova
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