Учиться, учиться, учиться... А когда трудиться?

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learn, Learn, learn... And when to work?

I - the eternal student and treat it well. Brain, neural connections are strengthened, expertise is growing, expanding professional relationships.

nevertheless, I don't know if you do not transfer the received knowledge in practical activities, they can become obsolete, sidelined and even forgotten. Said earlier: "Knowledge is for him not to wear". Not to wear if they are used in the activities.
And if to save years, then what? Usually comes a sense of dissatisfaction from the fact that invested a lot of effort, time and money, and the result is, to put it mildly "not the same".
it Turns out that knowledge can deteriorate and even "go bad". And then they become like stagnant water in the tank. And while the old is not poured, not poured new.

In recent years, the advice began to contact experts, which are also, as I study a lot, but can't start practice. Although everything you need is already there: many of education from institutions of higher education to various courses and trainings, some hands-on experience, desire to improve in chosen business.

the Reasons for indecision in the professional advancement of many: fear to make the first move, doubt their competence to the lack of time to practice because of congestion in the educational process.

There is another sudden fear - "fear of success". Many will say that it certainly wasn't me. I want success!

But the peculiarity of this condition is that for fear of success "hiding" is not only your negative emotions from previous failures and defeats. The fears that accumulated in the Genus, "registered" in the genes and can have a direct impact on your ability to advance in life.

How to make the first move? How to decide to say about yourself? Where to start? How to prioritize? What lies behind the hesitancy?
With these and other issues we work together on the consultations that I conduct online and in person.
and you Make this step! Work through your fears and resistance. Because nothing strengthens self-image as a moral and material satisfaction from the realization of our potential.

You have been waiting for those people who see you as an expert!

learn, Learn, learn and happy to work!

@Valentine'kovskaya, psychologist, art-coach.

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