Удержание Сексом и Борщом.

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I haven't heard bigger nonsense than the idea that when a man brings home the money, and the woman working alternately a housewife, a mother, a nanny, a specialist in sexual satisfaction of the husband - it helps relationships, makes them harmonious, and everything is very Vedic, historically and biologically.

you Know, when I was engaged in SAMBO we had a reception that was called "hold". His sense was that would lie on top of another man and hold it stationary for a certain time.
Women are often trying to get out of relationships with men like sport with the reception of "hold" and then are surprised when their techniques fail. But instead try to look at the situation from a completely different angle, they begin to build up your strength and protection to keep a man even more effective. But the truth is that the stronger you are someone hold, the greater the resistance. But it's the lesser of two evils, because much worse is that you become enemies, competitors, you enter the conflict under the title "who's boss", where each of the parties of their trump cards. Women have sex with soup and men purse with money. It's all the tools of war. In this battle, the children become a bargaining chip and move into the background.
But, to my surprise, many believe that this scheme is not just work, but is a panacea for conflicts and mutual misunderstanding, although it attempts to forcibly introduce, because it "correctly" are the cause of problems. It is for your relationship may simply not be suitable.
the current situation tells us that all these male-female "ACE in the hole" for a long time fictional. Man has long been able to provide themselves with sex, and much better quality than he will give his wife, and the soup he can eat daily is so much better than she cooks, and a nanny, he can hire such that his child will not want to leave. So if a woman relies on herself only, as the specialist in these matters, it is sad to wish her luck, because she has a lot of competitors that for the same money ready to give all the same, but higher quality. We live in a time of market relations and in this market there is almost everything.
But there is something you can't buy is your quality and trusting relationships with each other. The child may not buy some other father and mother that he broadcast a harmonious relationship where there is love, warmth and care. These feelings are between you. Your closeness does not depend on what the social patterns you put on their relationship. It doesn't matter who of you who work, who of you is what is strong and what is weak, and who sits in the decree. Modern society is already on a different level values.
Open your eyes, now is the time that even your gender doesn't matter much, people find love among members of the opposite sex and your. All these gender-role patterns and dying to the fore the feelings between you. You can somehow relate to it, but it is a reality of recent decades.
same-sex couples almost the norm, even in the post-Soviet space, and that when they become perceived as the norm - a matter of time. Although just 40 years ago it was a criminal offense.

Therefore, all gender suffering about who should do what in the relationship is already very outdated. People are trying to get closer to each other soul, because everything else is provided yourself money, it's not necessary to have someone closer relations.

Boris Nikiforov
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