Удивительная релакс- медитация

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a Cozy cafe. My favorite. Found it a miracle when he wanted to eat after giving blood during pregnancy. I saw the sign, went inside and fell in love.

All here, from choosing colors of furniture and walls to the atmosphere beckons me to come here almost every morning.

Now I will describe to you a relaxing exercise for example, my wonderful coffee shops. It can be done in any situation, when you don't need to talk. The technique helps to oust the head of anxious thoughts and calm down if emotions are running high.

Just start to describe their sensations (smell, sight, hearing, taste, tactile senses), emotions and thoughts.

"I feel like sitting on a chair. I hear the light music is pleasant volume, I see a brown wooden table, I lean on his elbows. I can hear the conversation. The sound of water, the sound of forks and plates. Music again plays a new song. I see the police came, they ordered tea. I can hear the conversation, sitting at a table in the midwives. One of the officers burrs. I can hear the change and excitement in the voice of a Barista. I can see the original bulb, like in the wedding of friends. I hear the laughter of the guests. I feel like sitting on a chair and lean on foot. I breathe shallow. My attention on the conversation. I feel the interest and excitement. I see a corner of the brown table. I see purple and green walls. I understand that I have to go. I'm in a hurry to finish. I get a text from a customer and are happy that he is opazdyvaet. So can I hang out here more. I feel the aftertaste of coffee in my mouth. I feel embarrassed because I want to take a picture of the situation. I see a picture on the wall, on her elephant, walking along the road. Under the picture was the chair green color. The conversation became quieter. A police officer flirts with a co-worker. All are good-natured. Laughter. I chatted with a leg. I hear a male voice. I see the corner of my eye came a large man. I hear he orders coffee. I hear the sound of the coffee machine. I hear the quiet conversation. I see the phone display. I see the table and the sticker on the wall it is not a red circle in a red square on a white background. I see a new visitor. I feel like talking legs. I hear the sound of the coffee machine. I decided to leave. Up. Say goodbye to the Barista. Heart with joy."

During the description to focus more on feelings and emotions than thoughts. Gradually the sense of equivalence of ambient that's all the same - thinking about what needs to happen is equal to emotions, the joy is equal to the anxiety or sadness or the color of the walls or the volume of the music - everything is of equal importance.

Try to exercise about half an hour in any situation and You will see how the world has become three-dimensional and amazing.

chebykina, Elena
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