Удивительная роль отца на брак и супружеские отношения его детей

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Offer to get acquainted with one study, the findings of which confirm that the father's role is of great importance for the future of the marital relationship.

If we talk about marriage and the family, it should be recognized that the interest in these phenomena has always been steady and widespread. For companies the question on knowledge of these social institutions and the ability to direct their development is of paramount importance because their status depends largely on the reproduction of the population, the creation and transmission of spiritual values.

the Purpose of this work is to investigate the influence of parents on the marital relationship in a young family.

the hypothesis of the study: the relationship in the parent family have a significant impact on relationships in the conjugal family (family children).

the Study was conducted in three stages, corresponding to the task. In the first stage were formed experimental and control sample.

Content of the second stage was the selection of psychodiagnostic methods and conducting empirical research.

the third stage was carried out statistical processing and interpretation of results of empirical research.

To implement this programme, we studied 15 young families, the age range was from 22 years to 30 years. To determine the influence of the parental family, was also investigated parent family, whose age ranged from 47 to 64.

In the method of V. P. Levkovich, O. E. Soskovo the key indicators are the assessment of husband and wife and the wife rating husband, OJ and Om, the self-esteem of husband and wife Sm and SJ, expectations of husband and wife regarding the behavior of each other – О1ж and О1м. It is obvious that these characteristics of the spouses could be formed under the influence of the parental family, moreover, these characteristics are key for the formation of intra-family conflict. These indicators can play a role stereotypes or attitudes for a long time determine the behavior of each spouse.

the study allowed to draw some conclusions:

Then, as the husband evaluates his wife, depends on self-assessment of his father and his expectations from his mother, with it, the greater the self-esteem of the father and his expectations, the lower estimates his wife spouse.

It was from her father's samples of family relationships depends on the type inside of a family relationship son, but, a rather special indirect. The level of self-esteem of the father, and decreases the score of his wife, and raises expectations of a spouse to his wife, has a young man brought up by such a father becomes more demanding of his wife and at the same time, more dismissive. High score mother father generates and the self-esteem of the spouse.

the wife's self-Esteem depends on the self-esteem of the mother and how the mother appreciates the father. You can say that a young wife takes a sample of the self-esteem of the mother, but the evaluation of the father by the mother forms the self-esteem of the young wife.

the father's Role, apparently, is universal in the education of her daughter and son. Requirements wife to husband depends on the stringency of the father to the mother, but the same time, the self-esteem of a father reduces the level of rigor of the wife to her husband.

analysis of the dependence of the expectations and claims of the spouses from the parent relationship questionnaire "Role expectations and claims in marriage" occurred on the same algorithm as on questionnaire Levkovich, that is clear, any of the indicators of parental relationship dependent relationship, conjugal family.

In General, how the wife is going to fulfill its role in the family and demands the same from her husband depend on the claims of her father.

the expectations of the husband to the wife depends on mutual expectations of each other his parents. The requirements of parents to each other is a sample for the wife, but if wife sample are voluntary commitments of the father, for the husband in such a model are the expectations of parents from each other, which are in the nature of requirements.

the claims of the husband depend on the claims of his father and his expectations from his mother.

the Love of the spouses depends on the level of mother's affection to the father, and the level of sympathy of the wife depends on the level of sympathy of his father to his mother. It should be noted that the different strength of the feelings of the wife depend on the level of sympathy of the parents to each other, so the feelings of his wife and love, and sympathy are essentially sympathetic and not as differentiated.

the Love of a spouse is defined as a father's love for his mother and his attraction to her, that is, the fullness of the senses. And like a spouse is determined by the father's love for his mother. It should be noted that the feelings of the spouse to his wife deeper, and even sympathy depends on the father's love that equates sympathy for love.

Thus, our hypothesis was confirmed – the relationship between the family influence relationships in family and matrimonial a leading pattern of behavior is the father in the family, as a husband and a wife.

Therefore, the obtained results again proved that with age, the patterns of behavior of the father is gradually gaining more importance in the life of children.

Vitaliy Gavrylenko
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