Удочка/рыбка или за чем ходят к психологу


There is a myth that the psychologist must know the answers to the questions of the customer concerning his life. Simply put, the psychologist knows exactly what choices the customer, how do him to build his life. Now, I'm such knowledge is not exactly possess. This means that I don't know, move out from You parents or not, to divorce her husband or not, to leave or to stay in work. And Yes, there are psychologists who know these answers and maybe even know how to marry a millionaire, but it wasn't me.

I prefer tinkering with their customers the bait, and they are already dealt with, what about the fish (with a concrete solution to the question). Under the rod, I understand the responsibility for their lives, making their decisions and executing their elections. This tool is living in your life who will be with You always, what difficulties would You have faced. I proceed from the idea that in psychotherapy, the emphasis is on shared responsibility, and its role as a therapist I see to help you choose, and not have to make the choice for You. I also have a responsibility – certainly this is the case (otherwise, why give me the money earned from Your honest labor?). My responsibility is to accompany You on a journey of exploration and awareness of Your feelings, emotions, boundaries, ways of knowing who You actually are and what you want. I also see my responsibility to create the conditions for Your independence and self-reliance in Your own life. And it's my choice, I made the decision to work when there was a question about my professional identity. While I am sympathetic to how other psychologists, and, most importantly, with respect to customers who come to them. Indeed, many want to hear expert and get that expert opinion (in the end, the responsibility and the awareness people may not need, and need a specific solution to a particular problem). Than go to a psychologist for a fishing rod or a fish – this is Your own choice. Perhaps this article will be the first step towards this choice.

My personal experience of psychotherapy is this: I previously appealed to psychologists with requests like "help me not to feel", "tell me, how should I do" and other things. A slightly different perspective, but with very specific requests. Now I'm at the point when I came to the understanding that one of the main tasks that I want to go to a therapist is getting acquainted with itself. And I, in turn, will be glad to assist You on your way to the lake with the fishes, and the bait we with You shall find.

Anna Chapurin
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