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Writing some notes about the causes of problems in relationships, I see that there is another, quite serious and common I in the practice of reason, which is also worth mentioning.

we are Talking about tribal weavings. Weave - this is a deep unconscious connection with someone of the numerous ancestors. It can completely capture the person, and can be situational and "involved" only from time to time.

do Not think that the interweaving is something distant, otherworldly and rare. In fact, people to a much greater extent than is commonly believed, is a product of their tribal system. We are hostages and the media an unfinished history of their ancestors and their unlived feelings.

And if we are talking about the difficulties in the pair, then one of the characteristics of the weave are the regular flashes of quarrel "blue", "no reason, no reason at all" against the General well-being. Or some aspect of the partnership "collapses", for example, there are difficulties in the sexual sphere, and everything else is more or less good.

Case study. Male from time to time feels a powerful rush of jealousy "blue". It is difficult to deal with these feelings and he actively pours them out on the wife. As a result, the scandals shaking the walls and the divorce is already knocking at the door. A consultation they came together with his wife.

to Make them balance. It is found that this person carries a powerful enough charge is taken over by feelings* great-grandfather, which left a sweetheart during the revolution, yativ in Paris.

Plus, find out what today's jealousy is also a train from the children's story competition with his younger brother for the attention and love of a mother.

After the arrangement we make with him a couple of sessions of work with this injury. And voila - this man began to perceive his wife. Quarrel stopped, to get a divorce they changed their minds.

And you know the situation when you and your partner were arguing and then he couldn't remember - what happened a quarrel, but the feelings were very strong?

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Oksana Anashchenko, psychologist, juggling, traumatherapie, Reiki Master


*Pereletnye feelings are the feelings of some of the ancestors that their carrier, the child perceives as their own. One of the criteria that the sense adopted is adequate to the situation. I.e., the feeling of power much more than would be natural in this situation.

For working with weaves and taken over by the feelings well to use the method of systemic family constellation or structure.

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