Hello dear friends, today let's talk about a very complicated topic. In PM I got a question from a woman who has lost a loved one, and the question was "How to survive the loss."

One of the most difficult moments, is that man is very hard to accept, when he left him. And this is not just a disorder, and people psychologically perceive it as a great loss of his life, which restore will be impossible.

So on the one hand, in this situation, we are losing a huge part of the present and the past, and on the other hand even more full of it is lost and future, the realization that this man will never be with you and not those emotions, feelings and sensations themselves, and everything that could be related.

And the man who has lost close, feels a huge emptiness in my heart and that is a big part of life at this stage, as Bud ends. Therefore, these experiences are very heavy and turn the soul inside out. Because they work all these processes and phases of grief, as they were described by Kubler-Ross.

Man after the loss, in many ways feels guilty, before the departed for what it is, something, somewhere, not said, not expressed, not done and it is such fault that prevents to live. Creating a human feeling soulless cocoon or space where the loss of close do not understand why fucking live....

Here is a very important idea, I will try it in the common voice, which can help to find the strength to people to live on.

This is something that we must continue the chain of life kind of parents who carried its traditions, culture, development, love on. Broadcast is the best thing that has put in us.

This is probably one of the best thanks that can be expressed in relation to departed friends or relatives.

And so children, I believe, should not treat their parents like children, because they have their own lives, but they should care, to help, but not to abandon your life in favor of parent.

And if that happens, then they will assume that their children need for them to do the same thing, which is essentially unnatural.

Because children should have their own life, the choice of which does not mean a bad relationship to their parents.

This right should remain with the child, how, where, and how, he needs to build his life, as the choice of his life, the movement, the choice of his life - the development and the rejection of her destruction.

And if there is sacrifice, when children are brought up with guilt, with the feeling of duty,they grow up and broadcast this vicious circle for their children that we gave birth to you and you owe us for that.

Therefore, the best solution loss, after a certain time, which is necessary for the experience, making it a symbolic new birth, transformacija, the transition to another new level, the development and way of life, its content.

Thank you for your attention dear friends)

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