Укрепляем отношения с ребенком!


the Child's need to maintain always. Agree?

Support of the child plays a huge role in its development and formation as a person, confidence and friends. The knowledge that you are accepted and supported, allows the child to more easily look at the situation to see options out of it, to be more flexible and successful.

Your support can manifest as verbally through words and non-verbally with gestures, hugs. It is important to remember that verbal and not verbal signals should be the same that the child was left with feelings of a double bottom from the support.

Want to share with you the phrases that will strengthen your relationship. And will help to improve your touch, the feeling of love and acceptance on your part.

Phrases that speak without reason.

_ Very nice/cool to have such a wonderful/a great kid!

_ I was waiting for you I will be born!

_ I'm so glad that it was you I was born (was born)!

_ And as in the cartoon about Carlson: You're priceless, unique, the best! For all the money in the world don't say goodbye.⠀

If the child did something wrong:

_ sorry. It is better to do this (And tell how). I love you.

_ Show that the child you more things: "Wash, close it up, buy new". When the child is not afraid, he is more relaxed and better control their actions.

_ Well, crashed, broken, etc.... Let's clean up, will be repaired or discard?

_ Wow, what a mess. Now you'll wrap this up quickly, the supergirl (the boy) need help?⠀

When the child has not coped with the task, by business:

_ You probably own upset/she

_ You're tired and come to me. Do you need help?

_ let's think about how to handle this situation?

_ you Have now failed, try again.

_ Nothing you broke the plate, dropped in a puddle etc.... I'm all right. I love you!

the Child needs to be confident in your love. The greater this confidence, the independent and more successful it will be. How do you support your child? Use these phrases? Or can you share?

Darenskaya Svetlana
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