Улыбчивая депрессия.

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Smiling depression? It happens.

Usual depression immediately noticeable. Suffering it people anything not happy, slowed movements, inattentive, indifferent think, than not interested. Its activity is reduced, he shrinks into himself, not on contact. If the condition lasts long, the person with their symptoms become noticeable to their environment, it is easier to get help. After all, at least, the surrounding see that something was happening to him.

There is another version of depression, which might not be visible to others. This option is inherent in the people stoical, inclined to overcome themselves.

Such people do not drop out of the social context, trying to smile, ashamed to admit my pain, they are active in communication, trying to "keep face". Meanwhile, deep down, you feel tremendous pain. And just alone they are going through a lot of heavy feelings. Apathy, sadness, guilt, hopelessness, meaninglessness.

This condition is more dangerous than it less noticeable for other people. No friends and in the mind can not come the idea that here he is the man next - deeply unhappy and suffering.

There are several signs of this condition that you hide from others, but you cannot hide from yourself.

Sorrow. the
And sorrow is manifested regardless of circumstances. You can think, "everything Seems to be fine, but no joy, but my heart is longing". And at work or with friends you can be active and alert, and when he got home, burst into unrestrained weeping.

Sensual anesthesia. the
Damped all the feelings that had previously been inherent in you: love and interest in family, husband, children. You stop to enjoy meeting with friends, your smile when meeting is usually shown, stretched and in the shower - only cold and empty.

Bouts of irritation.
You cease to understand the humor in jokes you probably get annoyed. You irritate ordinary life and everyday things, everyday activities.

the Loss of interest.
All the Hobbies that used to like fun now ceased to wonder. There was one sole desire - to pogorelich to bed, cover head with a blanket, curl up and sleep.

it Becomes hard to think and move. Thoughts and dvideniya become heavy. To gather my thoughts, to think hard, have to exert a lot of effort. The state resembling the state after an illness or after waking up. Only it lasts continually.
However, you can cope with work responsibilities, and your depression at work, most likely, will not notice.

thoughts about death, about terminal illness, which finally may die, appears to be eager to say goodbye to life.

the Main mistake that people make, tightening his fortune - trying to cope alone because of shame, embarrassment. In many cases, people think that to seek help the therapist is to be "crazy." Usually find it difficult to admit that you have mental problems "what a pushover I am?" They are afraid to "get hooked" on antidepressants. They are afraid of losing their jobs, too busy to visit doctors believe depression laziness and weakness. All these factors lead to the fact that depression can flourish for years, take root and lead to very sad consequences up to suicide.

But these fears is only a myth and interfere with installation. Only in Russia 50-70% of the population annually rashayda for help to treat depression. Modern drugs are not addictive. Literacy specialists, engaged in the treatment of depression has increased substantially, compared to last century. Privacy when you contact a clinic or private psychologist (psychotherapist) - this is the usual self-- - evident guarantee.

So, what I want to tell you that the greater part of his life to feel bad is not normal! If it happens, you will have to accept this fact in order to begin the path to deliverance from a painful existence.

by Nature we are not created to suffer! The entire human body is designed to experience joy many times throughout the day: delicious food, good sex, of a job well done, meeting nice people and even just then when you come in from the cold into a warm room or see the sun-drenched window. It's okay!

Only by recognizing your condition you can start to move on to a happy life, bringing joy and pleasure.

this Path is not the easiest. It is through knowledge of yourself, the life that you yourself have organized, the suffering that you pursued, taking responsibility for your lifestyle and thoughts, through the recognition of their needs, understanding their emotions, the recognition of their feelings.

once you've done that way, your depression will remain only a period of time, not the best memory, but the point from which you set out towards a new life.

pay attention to yourself.
Your therapist.

Smiling depression

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