Умеем ли мы оказывать поддержку?


We all need other people. It's our nature.
it has a reasonable explanation - alone ancient man could not survive. So our ancestors were organized in families, groups, schools, community.

And though we are far from primitive conditions, we still "herd")
We need partners, allies, friends, associates. Not to mention the fact that we are born not for no reason, and other people - our parents:)

Oh, and if we are by nature social creatures, it is logical, perhaps, to organize their interaction with others, that it solved many of our natural problems.
And I guess we all want that the interaction would bring us satisfaction and pleasure? I think this is important.:)

of Course, our communication with others has many components. It is very versatile and diverse.
And the important thing, in my opinion, affection.
Although, of course, it all begins with what we select a environment.
of Course, first we should not choose, but were born in the environment in which we are born))

That is, at first it does not depend on us. It is determined by our parents.
First, they have to give birth in a certain environment (is our family), then introduced to others, satisfied the school that they choose. And so on.

And as they get older, and our socialization, we begin to build relationships themselves. Different.
we Find friends, girlfriends.
And the most attractive and harmonious relationships are those built on shared interests and mutual sympathy.

And here is a very important little person to learn how to build relationships mutual support.
Because support gives a sense of community and belonging.The feeling that you're not alone.

ideally, of course, must come from the parents. This support.
And if the parents know how to help your child, it is best that you can think of. And the best thing they can do.
Then the child just absorbs this ability from their parents. And further is able to provide support to and by parents and others, which chooses in its close environment.

But, unfortunately, it does not always work...
And a lot of people is the ability to provide support necessary to develop themselves through their experiences, which is gradually being developed. Sometimes more successfully, sometimes less.

But, more importantly, you've got to understand that in properly chosen setting, the ability to support a very important factor affecting the quality of the relationship.
in General - people usually appreciate the support. And people who are able to provide it.

And here arises a question - how to support? So it was just support, not the imitation?

Because something like "don't worry, everything will be fine" is typically how support is perceived.
Even more than that can cause irritated someone so "support".

Yes, of course, the notion of support is quite multifaceted.
still, main point her that the person needs support, feels that it!

But, you see, the presence of a number of criticism that says, "Oh, you caught Napping. Why are you so. After all, well I warned you" or something like that - it's not something that gives you the feeling that you are supported in your problem)) And usually this is not easier, but worse...

Support may be the shoulder and the words: "I'm with you. I support you. What help do you need? How can I help you?".
This is an example.

the Options can be many.
But the support this is the adoption of those feelings experienced by someone support is needed. Acceptance of the situation that is. And search help exit. To be there mentally and physically.
This support is worth it. It is not so much the case, as I would like...
And this is what we value in relationships with other people.

And if we are able to support families, and the close tuned:) This is something like the law of communicating vessels:)
In General, as usual, we must start with ourselves!:)

Thank you for what you were with me, my dear readers!
And if you need support, ready to help you professionally.

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Galina V.
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