Умеешь работать, умей и отдыхать. 10 советов эффективного стрессменеджмента

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Able to work, learn and relax.10tips effective stressmanagement.
Now a lot of queries on the prevention of burnout or as it is called now "stressmanagement". Here are my own recipes how to avoid burnout:
1. Plan your time.
all the day 24 hours, no more, no less. Properly plan your Affairs is a very important skill for a business person. Also there to take the skill of delegation, all the work which is performed automatically without special skills should be given, so You can free up time for something more important.
2. Assess their capabilities (some overestimate, some underestimate). If you think that You are a super hero, ask yourself the question "And the long I enough to live at this pace?", if You know that heroes tend to die early, if it fits then OK if not then the next item is for You!
3. Find time for yourself.
If work is Your whole life, and not enough time for yourself then you can call yourself a slave. Time for yourself is very important, even just to look out the window, to collect puzzles, to play the game in your phone to read on the toilet it is already time for yourself. Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy the moment and breathe, somewhere on the banks of a river or lake, with friends or alone. It is also doing, painting, music, Biking and so on.
4. Eat right. Nutrition is very important, it is the fuel of our body, I'm not saying no to the raw food diet is not vegetarianism, is the choice of everyone, but what I apply to myself is 3хразовое food, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, nuts, and berries. Nutrition should be balanced, rich in minerals and vitamins. 2 times a year I take a multivitamin complexes.
5. Sleep at least 7 hours (although that would be 1 time a week until you get bored)
Sleep is very important, it performs many functions for our body. This and the rest of the body and unloading of our psyche. Prolonged lack of sleep can be very detrimental to our body. So 7-8 hours is a very good dream. Sometimes I or 2 times a month, sleep until you get bored (sometimes more often)
6. Physical activity (gym, walking, driving)
Sports, especially professional, it is not at all about health and physical culture is just what you need. 3 times a week gym with moderate activities or walking at least 2 hours a day, contrast shower, warm up, exercises, stretching, even 5 minutes is good.
7. Travel (even once a month camping trip, with a complete distraction from the work that's good)
Travel is a change of scenery, very well relieves the brain, but what if the work involves travel? I ouble to go to different cafes to try different dishes, it's good offloads and switches.
8. Communication with a therapist (psychologist) is sometimes intrapersonal conflicts not just in the way and interfere with life therefore it is better to cry at the psychologist than to laugh at the psychiatrist. It looks like a maintenance vehicle, the more expensive the better avtomodel for him to follow.
9. The family is the place where you want to return. Harmonious family relationships are a very great resource. The most difficult item, because it depends on two, it alone can not cope, but to start can You. Tolerance, acceptance, compromise, wisdom - these are qualities which are very well formed in the family!
10 Be a child, though nemnozhechko, learn to play.
If not you can learn, learn from the children they know. Grandfather Freud said that a healthy personality is the one that is able to work and to love, Yung he added the love to Friends and Work, but I think a healthy personality is the ability to Love-to Work-to be Friends and Play!
With best regards, Oleg Perepelitsa!
to be Continued...

Oleg Perepelitsa
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