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New year is coming,

With new happiness, new miracle!!!

And do you know how to see miracles?

And for some reason they are called miracles and not something - the material embodiment of possible or manifested intention to be seen and felt object))))

Miracle - something bright and at the same time intangible.

of Course, embodiments are tangible, but here it is - a sense of wonder - it's our internal something!!!

learn How to believe in miracles, and invite into your life, and even then to notice?

Perhaps it begins in childhood, when we allow a desire to think in miracles to believe... And then very subtly feeling and watching - these miracles to let into your life.

Yes, it is to enter.

In life.

his World.

For some this is a Miracle!

For other - match))))

I like the poem "the Gods are laughing all morning and evening: laugh of the phrase "Random encounter"))))

What miracles happen? Large and small. Bright and calm. They are all only in our perceptions.

And what are these feelings? For a good mood? For faith in what is invisible? If it does not distract from reality? Does not carry any into the world of illusions?

Or this belief can appear in the real world those images which were previously seen only in fairy tales?

the Belief in miracles allows you to believe in your strength I can be for someone guide Miracle?

on the eve of Christmas and New year can be Santa Claus and snow Maiden, a Sorcerer or Sorceress!

today I want to share with you the miracle of a winter rainbow.

I allow her to be in my world))) Because love is a natural phenomenon. Really can't explain, and not necessary, perhaps, that the Soul rejoices when possible in the summer widetrack. And if two!!! And if we dream about the sky that a lot of them!!! And like a dream, and Wake up, like in Thailand, the Islands were visited again))))

And little miracles are. And large.

I Wish all of us to let Wonders be!

I Wish your Soul let them into your Life!

to see the rainbow after the rain and when it's warm, and even in the cold!

everything is Possible!!! But if impossible, but very desirable, it is also possible!!!

All the best!

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