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stomach Ulcer — a disease people are very ambitious. They want to be first, to be successful, can not stand even the slightest criticism. Any, even small failure brings them out of balance, causes worry, nervous.

Constant spasm in any area of the walls of the stomach breaks the nerve connections leads to a weakening, and bacteria finish the whole thing. It's not in the stomach and bacteria, which fight the doctors with medication. And all the matter in the wrong position of consciousness.

the Desire for continued success is pathological. In our dualistic world, success and failure — two sides of the same coin. One does not exist without the other. the success is already laid bad and Vice versa.

In Buddhism, believe that failure is more valuable than success. Successful people all happy, it won't work with me, to strain, to seek, to strive. A man who failed to think, what went wrong, looking for a way to rectify the situation, wish to change something in yourself, make every effort. It is your own growth.

the proverb "one beaten two unbeaten give" accurately reflects the meaning of what the person who experienced difficulties, found the strength to cope with them, and, most importantly, with himself, more developed and strong than one who is life, the difficulties are not provided.

the universe always knows when one is ready, she offers him a lesson, which, if properly accommodated, will lead man to a new level. But, their own ambitions, the desire at any cost to achieve their goal to satisfy their ego, to feel successful, makes you strain your body and mind to such an extent that the disease manifests itself.

the Disease manifests itself for rest, for a temporary respite as an excuse to yourself that you have done everything in his power, but so there were circumstances, the stars settled down, fortune ceased to smile. Then the responsible person takes off, because to blame external circumstances, but he did not.

Responsibility is freedom, when one understands that any failure means that the universe has to pay attention to him, because he is ready to test, ready to grow. Every challenge is an opportunity to Express themselves, to toughen up, to make yourself wiser and more confident.


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