Умение управлять собой

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self-improvement is a tedious and long work on the achievement of harmony of body and soul. The pursuit of excellence is a special opportunity given to man in life. To become perfect, you need a strong desire. However, a feature called self-cultivation, strive to use not everyone.

People who strive to rule themselves, first of all, set the target, has a strong and independent character. Learning to control yourself, most work on the internal content and spiritual world of the "I". There are plenty of methods to cultivate. From this huge number of methods and technologies, each finds something that gives an opportunity to feel better not only when you feel good in life, but when you need huge self-control and the ability to maintain their human dignity in crisis situations, when age-related physiological changes in the period of adaptation to the new team etc. What would be the methods and psycho man is not used to control themselves, it is better to apply simple and available options, namely:

1. Breathing exercises.

At birth, the first cry of the child as the first breath in the new space, new environment. Anyone each day is a new: house, job, city, or with new people. The ability to breathe correctly allows you to keep the rest in the body, rhythm and speed in movement, behavior, way of talking.

2. Prayer.

Few can admit to themselves that they could feel the power of prayer supported them and saved them in difficult moments when it was hard on the soul and wanted to cry. Prayer is a special method of spiritual self-development and spiritual growth of those animals manifestations that can occur at the most inopportune moment of life. Holy elders have reached spiritual perfection on yourself and your weaknesses through prayer.

3. Writing.

In school, we learn letters and words, the ability to read stories and poems. We are taught to write first dictations and exposition, then works. Why not use this simple method at home: keep diaries, or write reflections on past events during the day? Perhaps by memories of the past, it will be possible to find a reasonably simple way to manage yourself.

4. To move: Jogging, active walking, dancing.

We move the whole life. First my parents, then yourself. This method is so natural that if a person ceases to actively move during the day, it's worth thinking about. In most cases, it shows the accumulated problems in the head and then in body. The whole body becomes heavy, begin to hurt the legs, back, life becomes interesting. Perhaps a simple stroll will return the interest in life, if they commit daily as a charger. Or visit dance classes. Where new people and cheerful space that will allow you to regain control of myself.

5. Singing.

the man's Voice is a gift from above. Speak, we are trying to sing or sing along. If you have the desire to sing, then sing. And never hesitate to do that. Overcoming fear, worry, uncertainty and confusion you move on.

different people have their own ways to be better. What will you choose? It's up to you. Having a goal to learn to manage yourself, you help those around you to improve the control you!

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