Уметь быть в уединении


to be able to BE IN SOLITUDE

It's not about loneliness, not about the cry of the soul, it's about the ability to be alone.

Perhaps the following described does not fit all, but if at some point try to stop, close my eyes and feel every cell of your body, a lot to discover in themselves, but primarily to reveal THEMSELVES, different, with different needs. Tired, happy, joyful, happy, helpful, jealous, closed, etc.

And yet, you may find that even the most open person there is something deeply hidden where he won't let anyone in.
no friend, No loved one, no parent, no priest, no physician, nobody. And it's not necessarily something scary or shameful injured, no, it's something personal, desirable, dreaming, or just be silent in solitude, in unity with itself.

And the reason immediately becomes or curious or disturbing others, what's hidden! Not allowed the idea that sometimes to be quiet and just savor the silence, the soul require. To stay, not to flee, and to be with myself, just sometimes with your eyes closed. the
Maybe for some it's a waste of time, but the body needs a periodic stop.
Even if it's a loved one who is always open to relationship, light, joy, and it can be different! He has the right to be different!
Even if there is love and friendship between men, and in these respects everyone has the right to something of their own intimate, without violating personal boundaries.
we all know that love and friendship can't develop if we frantically cling to each other. For love and friendship needs delicate and safe space in which to approach and withdraw without touching the intimate personal friend. To be able to give the other space and respect his space, it is
like to be able to be with yourself, to love yourself in silence, without fuss, people, communication, to allow yourself to be alone with the unseen. And this is one of the possibilities of energy for future communication with others and a chance to feel. Well, the second possibility to recuperate, to "be" with others, everyone can choose their...someone close their eyes and sit in silence, and someone will rush on and on in the usual pace, not wanting to change something.
As I often say - there is always a choice!

Temiz Svetlana
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