Умненькая девочка с глупыми наклонностями


from childhood was called " clever girls ", they were told that " they must understand ". They tried, they really wanted to understand and not to drop this title " smart ". Behind them the diploma of the Institute ( and maybe more than one ), they work in a decent place in a good position. Some of them have already managed to " get married ", but their eyes " don't burn ", they live, they are constantly pushing themselves, like, not live, but expect that soon something will change and then everything will be present, a draft will be discarded.

in the meantime, during all this time the race for " beautiful facade ", these smart girls were such tendencies that lead them to the other side of himself, his freedom and joy.

1. They very well know how to disappoint, but very bad at yourself please.
2. They can free themselves from the painful self-conscious. "I, I, I" - delusions of grandeur never lets them go.
3. They can't cry with someone.
4. They "expel" themselves from the word rogue after comparing themselves with others.
5. They love to bite in the guise of justice.
6. They do not serve the people, although longing for love. They try to buy it.
7. They are considerate, present themselves as this or place, not forgetting to ask: "really so good?"
8. If they are unhappy, just a little, so they cannot help.
9. They take medication for depression, forgetting the best and most harmless of all - anger.
10. They do not change anything, waiting for guarantees from the world.
11. They often think which they are poor! They are jealous and it hurts.
12. They cling to the credo of maximalist: to have, to be, and to be respected!
13. They lose their adaptive behaviour strategies: one after the other. The world is uncomfortable for them, and they don't want to adapt.
14. Their desire to love often arrives to them in another form. Something happens to him along the way.
15. They live for someone else. Offer to take THAT SOMEONE. How long will they last?

These girls are willing to come into therapy and begin to recover, paving the way for itself, changing stupid inclinations to useful rules and habits. After all, they are clever!

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