Unable to thank...


Hard work of teachers, teacher...have you ever Thought about why we hear so often from so many teachers "thankless job"?

the school children lead the parents and many of them, to the great tragedy, to shift most of the responsibility on the shoulders of teachers. In turn, objectively speaking of teachers, also sometimes there is not the most pleasant picture of brutality, rudeness, insults.But if you take the scales, the load shifted parental responsibility on the shoulders of teachers will be enormously more.

In school or College if, everywhere we can meet and the pros and cons. This is a huge complex relationships both vertically and horizontally. What is more important...the entire kaleidoscope of emotions, feelings, needs, resources, and much more ability to thank like lost.

We often complain that the student today is not the one. Those with med school came to teach in universities 20-25 years ago, certainly remember how they prepared the students for practical classes and seminars, what responses were, what the potential is sensed.

the Years fly by. We with confidence speak about changing values, changing even the public consciousness.

the Bitterness that failure to be thankful entails depreciation, often global... And lot also stems from family, school, College, University...

So it turns out that in education and pedagogics, in the consideration of the question in one dimension very often creates multi-layered platform from a range of social, historical, cultural, religious and other layers.

I will give an example from his practice when at 21, I confidently lectured on the course in one of the universities. It's a blessed time when every second student at the end, leaving the audience tell me "thank you for the interesting lecture!". As you know, it was important the word gratitude as a great motivation. After all, the Internet was not there, my colleagues and I prepared handwritten notes, trying to interest, to captivate a student audience.
After almost 18 years, I'm stating a fact that no one, leaving the audience never said "thank you", except (!) students of the correspondence Department.
Thought. Why?
time Students more conscious, more meaningful? They work and pay for their education, they have more rigid views...And maybe a matter of age? As a rule, the correspondence always somewhat older, and their life targets harder...
today's student is being very specific. He has gadgets and have the opportunity to prepare for the seminars, and just download the text according to the question without going into detail and analysis. Why? After all, HE pays for the education (Oh, are paid-not just the parents...) He knows that the teacher is still put off. Otherwise, it's a teacher...

And especially here it is not up to fundamental spiritual values.

worst of all is that the work of the teacher, his work is devalued by students who took a specific position or priority in the life of a teacher. So, for example, take the situation with gratitude. Scientific Director, not sleeping at night and increase their own level of plagiarism help their wards in various situations, sometimes even of life, he is thrown out and expunged from the life of a graduate in exactly exactly the receipt of a diploma. Lack of gratitude perceived by the student as a reality. "Asseplyseeree?!What more do you want?!". For example, of the 11 graduates of his supervisor just thanked 4.

And again the question "why?" haunts many of us, teachers and teachers. Disfiguring virus of neglect makes it impossible to see human relations, their philosophical and spiritual values, their moral qualities. And as my intelligent neighbour, behind which nearly 60-year-old (!!!) experience in pedagogical Institute: "Because teachers are we, humanists!"... And despair, as if hope is born again: "Suddenly something happens and people comprehend the value of gratitude?".

Hope Arkhangelsk
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