Uncontrolled emotions


I am often asked how it is possible to control your emotional reactions, how to stop roll out aggressive in lethargic condition and get the storm under control. br>
Let us understand at what stage we lose control over your emotions. br>
So how complaints of uncontrolled positive emotions are rare for me, let's deal with the negative manifestations, although the mechanism of occurrence they have one. br>
Uncontrolled and explosive emotions arise, when expectations in relation to a situation, event, and world in General do not coincide with reality. When in a head all has to happen one way, and the reality is different. br>
For example, do you consider yourself the soul of the company, but as soon as you ceased to impose on meeting with friends, these meetings were held without you. You can see a photo of a recent friends party where they had fun, ask them why you were not invited, and you say that like you didn't ask, that was not invited. And in your head you swing and most welcome. It is here that begins the loss of control. br>
the World to crack. Or rather your delusional world crumbling, and it penetrates a part of the real world that you are so unpleasant that your reaction is hysterical, then apathy, then hysterical, and so as long as you either again similuate the reality of its illusory representations, or don't realize (that the end is harder but more productive), and will not begin to change something in the real world (real himself). br>
So if the question is that how to control your emotions in the first place is to stop close to the real world of illusions. It certainly will not save you from the negativity in life, but it will take away from your life time of tantrums and uncontrollable outbursts, depression and similar situations. br>
you Also need to understand that with adequate perception of you can influence the current situation in the illusory — no. Except that to build a heap of illusions.

P. S. I am very interested to understand this topic (the topic of illusions of perception), and would love to hear your questions. Maybe they come across me on a new round of reflection.

Bulynko Jaroslav
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