Unconventional methods of motivation


what virtually any motivation boils down to, in order to properly explain to someone "why". And then he himself will find the ways "as". The better the clarity of the Noi or the target, the easier and faster it is achieved.
Here are some tips that will tell you what to do
1. The warm-up.
Concentration can be trained, like a muscle. To use it wisely. Before any serious business should be how to exercise.
2. A snapshot of the action.
did the deed - walk boldly. If you came up with the idea for a business, start this business immediately. Just at least start.
3. I can.
Do what you can do. How often you engaged in where you are a winner. This will give you the energy to realize where you want, but is not yet implemented. Collect your wins and achievements, celebrate results not only finish, but also intermediate.
4. The development of skills.
Expand your horizons. Than it is wider, the better you will know what you want. This is directly related to the skills, because the skills we need in order to achieve something we really want. Skills are never ends in themselves. The ideal situation is when your hobby is your work. I mean, the thing that feeds you, which is the source of your income. In General, the more skills you have, the better your prospects.
5. Custom thinking.
it so Happens that we know exactly what you want, but don't achieve that, so how do we prevent a sense of confidence in the impossibility of achieving this goal. But there are innovative ways to achieve the desired: a business trip, if you wanted to travel, visit hotels for a paid review; gifts from friends and relatives for the holidays.
6. New business.
the more you accept something new, the less you this very new I'm afraid.
Think more often about their desires. Thus motivation can be turned into a skill that, in turn, can be brought to automatism. Willpower is only needed in the beginning. Next will be replaced with the habit.

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