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hag Purim our congregation! Purim came to the people! Jewish holidays usually begin at sundown. Almost all of them are connected with the dramatic events of the Chronicles of the Jewish people...it happened with Purim.
once in the Persian Empire one Minister poltical Haman planned to exterminate the Jews. Why? He did not like that the humble Mordecai, the teacher and the brother of Queen Esther, not kneeling in front of him. After all, the Jewish people kneels only before God. In this regard, Haman went to the king Ahashverosh, in order to destroy all the Jews of the Empire. Achashverosh was married to Esther, who concealed his Jewish origins. The word Purim comes from the Akkadian PUR - the lot. So, lots the massacre of people was to begin on the 13th of the month Adar.
Esther and her kind mentor Mordechai gathered the Jewish people to prepare the ground for a miracle, because the people of Israel had to return to the Almighty in fasting, weeping and prayer. And yet, the people could unite and repel the attack of enemies.
After the post Esther gave a Banquet, inviting Haman. And here it is told about the origin of husband and opened my eyes to the atrocity that is about to happen. The king has shown grace and interceded for the wife. Haman was going to be executed...
Two days in the Empire of fierce fighting. Because a decree of destruction have already been sent to all corners of the Empire. But fast of Esther and the gathered community was a miracle the Jews had a courageous resistance in battle, defeating anti-Semitism...

this Is a brief story of Purim, a merry holiday with tears in eyes...

"From the post we immediately move on to the fun of the holiday. This jump reminds us that there is no fun in this world, which would not be the least bit mixed up with grief."

today I had a strange feeling, the events of last year again. I was returning home, though tired, but for some reason the idea that I somehow miraculously turned out to be invincible before those who were trying to hurt me. At some point I revealed the ugliness and callousness of man. And in that moment I felt protected Native and felt a surge of hatred towards him who hates me.

In a time when we are trying to get out of balance when the emotional swings are working with redoubled force when you are about to break, and the Miracle comes. This moment is born the awakening of new forces is highly disruptive, but necessary. Because this thing breaks the illusory screen and you suddenly start seeing everything completely objective eyes. And this doesn't frighten you, as if giving a huge sigh of relief. After all, you saved...my soul...that's always there.
Hope Arkhangelsk
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