Упадок сил. Отсутствие желаний.


breakdown. A lack of desire.

it Happens sometimes when it is difficult to analyze the situation: with a man something happens, emotions may or may not be, but he can't understand that with him, literally no strength, interest and desire like no....
the Reason for this can be severe stress, the suppression of emotions (when, for example, we literally swallow our anger known, or not known for some reason), the lack of support from others.

as for stress, in my opinion, it is a consequence of the following two reasons, although people often all physical, somatic, and psychological problems attributed to stress: "All illnesses from nerves".

Suppression of emotions could face serious somatic diseases, as each emotion has its own energy charge, if to take for example the anger You have seen what happens when a person is angry, wrathful, and furious, when sweeps away everything in its path. He looks like a man that has no strength ? It's all varying degrees of anger, but now not about it.

the Lack of support from others. In my opinion this item is a double-edged sword: either we want support from those who are not able to give it to us because either it is not able to give a definition (the man has no experience of support because their parents always criticized him), or the person does not know what support is needed (we need to be just listened to, a shoulder to cry on, and we instead give a bunch of unwanted advice), or people do not want us to just maintain for some reasons not known to us.
What we can do when there is no support, and like ? You can try to "teach" others that what you support is needed, for example, "Honey, when I tell you about the troubles at work, I want you to just hear me out, wished, and embraced".
If for some reason it is impossible to locate a specialist who is not as interested in your situation, and you just listen.

Alexandra Rudakova
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