Упала в любовь

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Long since deleted his cell number. Which, however, are memorized. Erased the correspondence in social networks, which is embossed in my brain in red ink, with illumination. I don't want anything from him. Only all the time when I go near his car parked near the office, I begin strongly beating heart. Higher raise the collar, as if he wished to press, to hide from the possible of the picture - another woman in the car.

I put a drop of the new perfume on your wrist: the cedar, the call of the musk, a bit of patchouli, ylang-ylang. I know that he will not feel this fragrance on me today the Weser, but mentally I am with them. I want it all - joint walks, talks, holiday travel by car, love gostinichnom in a dark room when the window looking silently the moon.

What can I say about me - a woman mad with love. And this is partly true. Because the other world does not exist for me without you. Why did we break up? I guess I too have infiltrated in your space. So happy for you being in my life, that she immediately wanted to become for you the universe.

But you didn't want to let me in. I knew I was too open, too active, maybe obsessive. But how could I even Express your feelings? I could not hide my love and amazement at the wonder of our meeting.

my Whole day has built for you: where are you going today - and I'm with you, that you love to do and I am. You wanted to relax, but no, I was right there, always there. And even if I was one, with pointless running, when quietly coming of the night - anyway, I was thinking about you, about us.

the Girls, "fallen in love" you need to skim from the object of his desire. Otherwise, the events in the pair will begin to develop exactly the opposite. A man gets tired of the constant annoying attention. Maybe he's not ready for this hurricane-close and personal. Violated other people's boundaries never contribute to the normalization of relations.

Please, girls, "slow down," with the manifestation of feelings for man learn to control himself. Not check every step with him, darling. Otherwise, the favorite will evaporate, and will seriously hurt self-esteem, disturbed emotional balance.

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