Управление эмоциональным состоянием сотрудников

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This article is about the business, in which important service component. The basis of the service relationships with the client. Relationships are supposed to be in the first five seconds of contact. And there is no room for long negotiations and rational decisions. Relationships formed or not formed under the influence of sumtruth emotions. The slightest signs of an emotional relationship to the client instantly read and get symmetrical response. And you certainly have been in a situation when you go in the office / salon and immediately feel you are happy here or not. It is therefore important to ensure that employees have constant background of positive emotional response for the visitor.


what determines the emotional state of the employee at work? Yes, of course, there are individual differences. Someone difficult to spoil the mood, and someone, it seems, was born and grew up in a bad mood and its familiar steady-state condition. But if you do not fall into the philosophy, and try to list the average factors, the list may be so:

  1. Comfort
  2. Health
  3. Finance
  4. Relationship with family
  5. Situations at work (with clients, with colleagues)
  6. Relationships with superiors

Hence task - management emotional state of employees (to the extent possible). Indeed, in "good" emotional state, the service will obviously be at a higher level.

Well, let's go through the points listed above.

  1. Physical (external) comfort. Here everything is simple. Normal conditions (heat, water, lighting, ventilation) - also affect the emotional state of employees. Frozen hungry the seller is unlikely to be "light" in personal sales.
  2. Physical health. It is important to have employees had the opportunity to go to the hospital and get the med.assistance in the workplace. Commonplace first aid kit with pills "from the stomach" and "head" - can in certain situations to significantly improve the emotional background in the salesroom.
  3. Financial well-being. If not for a meal or all pillows only about where to get money to pay the rent, it is unlikely that you can be in the optimal emotional state for working with complex clients. Of course, for financial well-being of employees is not only the employer. From the employer sufficient to perform its promise on the part of the salary. Sometimes even helps the opportunity to take an advance at any time and without complex approval procedures.
  4. Relationship with the family. Here the employer little to influence. Except that to facilitate the approval of time off or changes in the work schedule so that work and personal life were in the balance. Very cool to include in the SOC.package payment for consultations with a psychologist at least once a month.
  5. Relationships with clients. Know about it a long time ago. Therefore, in particular, the Department on work with complaints and claims are always placed separately from the sales Department. It is difficult to sell and "burning" product, where occasionally hear from customers that your product is shit.
    Relationships with colleagues – topic, poorly amenable to control and configure. But the leader must do what is in his power to evaluate the squabbles and intrigues, to carry out educational work with troublemakers and other non-team items to show by example the rules and regulations to promote healthy psychological climate in the team.
  6. Relationship with management is a key factor that is under the full control of the employer. And it is, in fact, this whole article and all the above points. Do not insult, do not react too impulsive and too emotional, give all support and care. "That's right" give us feedback. Cultivated relationships of trust and mutual respect. Then the customer relationship will be the same, and you as the leader.

All of this gives a margin of safety that any crisis on this team it is much easier to survive and grow, than companies with a less healthy atmosphere. But do not confuse this style of control with the liberal-permissive. Just here we have to be sensitive to the balance in the relationship to maintain a positive "exchange". If the answer to your concern of employee spits on the company and customers, we need to act firmly and promptly.

In General, the idea is simple: treat your employees as you would like to be treated... no, not you, to customers. Take care of your subordinates and they will take care of the clients. Of course, there are exceptions. But such is overboard. This is business, not psychotherapy.

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